Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinsperation! Testing Frozen Lemon wedges

As promised, I'm testing another one of my pinterest pins......this time its the Lemon wedge slices that I originally saw here

First I cut up a couple of lemons, and placed them in a muffin pan.  Was a little worried that the "cubes" wouldn't pop out very easily, but with the help of a knife, they popped out with no problem.  Filled the tins with tap water.....

Placed in a ziplock bag for the freezer....easy to grab all week long.

Put 2 in my cup, and it worked well to give me the lemon flavour I liked, and to keep the water cold.  Note to self, do not JAM the cube into one of these double walled cups, or it will crack and water will drip down your counter just like it did moments after I shot this picture. I love these cups,  but they break easily!  I have a couple of cracked lids to prove it!
I give this Pinsperation 2 THUMBS UP!  Will definitely be doing this again.....