Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I'm joining Alex and Erin with Weigh In Wednesday each week.  This week I lost a whopping .1 pounds.  Not 1 POUND....0.1 POUND!!!  Ugh.  How does that even register?  I think if I'd leaned a little to the left I would have been back to my old weight!  When the girl at Weight Watchers weighed me I said nothing....I had expected a couple of pounds down, I really thought I had stepped it up this week, I worked out harder than I have in a while....I was so disappointed.  And it showed over the weekend.....I was sick all weekend, and just found myself falling back into old patterns, and eating to squelch down feelings.  I'm a big time emotional eater...if I'm bored, I eat.  If I'm tired, I eat.....if I feel sick (unless I'm naseous) I eat.  I'm not looking forward to my next weigh  in, it's going to be a miracle if I haven't gained.
Not feeling very motivated this week....the weather here has been so wierd....cold and snowy, warm and rainy all in one week.  I HATE JANUARY IN CANADA!!
I know this will pass, tomorrow is another day.  I have to get back  into the mindset that it's small steps, and last week I had a friggin' 4 lb loss, it can't be that much every week!  Maybe I watch the biggest loser too much......