Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Day!

Limefreckle Jr. had a snow day today!  I think I love snow days almost as much as he does, because it means I don't have to rush around and drive him to school (we live about 1/2 hour drive away from his school, no buses available.)  We had slushy, rainy snow last night, which left the roads a bit of a mess, so the school was closed.

Lately Limefreckle Jr. has been missing our old house a lot.  We used to live over 1 hour away from his school, which made the drive every day pretty hard on me.  Not to mention I had to hang around in the city that his school was, because if I were to go home I would end up driving approximately 4 hours per day, and that was just too much.  I used to find plenty to do, volunteered at the school, joined a gym, did some personal training....but it was hard, so about 2 years ago we decided to move closer.

Everyone in the family loved our new house, Limefreckle Jr. was happy to move, I remember thinking at the time that he was handling the move with too much ease......however recently he has been talking a lot about our old home.  I thought it was just a passing thing, but it's been lasting for quite awhile.  Today he became very anxious, and started to cry.  He told me that he dreams about our old home at night, and he just "wants to go home", which made ME want to cry.  I would hate to think that he just thinks of this house as temporary.  Our old house was bigger, he said he wants a "bigger habitat".....

He's pretty good at coming to resolutions on his own.  Today he had a pretty good one.  He asked for his tent.  At the old house, for a good part of his younger years, we had a tent pitched in one room (usually our main family room) or another.  He would fill it with pillows and blankets and spend the day in there.  I think that having the tent up was his way of bring the old house into our new one.  So out I went to the garage to find the tent, we cleared some space in the exercise room, filled it with his fish pillows (don't ask..) blankets, and his beanbag chair....and he's been content ever since. 

Now he can feel like "he's home" a little bit more.  And let's face it, that exercise room wasn't getting a whole lot of exercise anyway!