Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bloggers that I love

Every day starts exactly the same for me.  Wake up (around 7ish during the week, hopefully a little later on the weekends).  Head downstairs, put the coffee on, put the dog out.  Try to coax the dog back inside, which is usually difficult because there seems to be a MILLION dogs in our neighbourhood, and they all walk by our house. Rufus thinks he runs the neighbourhood, and he likes to very loudly proclaim that to any dog that will listen.  It's exhausting!

Once he's inside, paws wiped off (it's snowy in the back!) and dish filled with food, I settle down to have my coffee and catch up on my email, facebook, and favourite blogs.  It's a routine that has become so ingrained, I feel a little uncomfortable if I can't follow it!  Perhaps I've become a little too addicted to the computer, but I already have a serious television addiction, so what's one more?  At least I'm not waking up to a glass of vodka, so I think it's all good!

I thought that today, on Valentine's day, a holiday I HATE, I would share with you some blogger love....and give you a list of the blogs that help me get my day going:

One blogger that I have been following for quite some time is Jess Lively.  I originally started following her when she was a jewelry designer, I admired her work, and her blog at the time was called "Makeunder my Life" and I loved her message.  Now she's evolved into a blogger that helps you live your life, and run your business with intention.  I wish she would come to Toronto and do a workshop!

Another never miss a post blogger is Big Mama.  Her daily posts are laugh out loud funny, and she's a Downton Abbey fan, so I know we would be good friends.  Who am I kidding, I think all of these bloggers would be my close friend in real life....does that make me a stalker?  Melanie just wrote a book, I'm waiting for my copy to come and can't wait to read it!

If you are on Pinterest, for sure you've probably seen Kate and her fabulous hair tutorials.  I have a secret desire to be a hair stylist.. I don't know why, I've never attempted to cut any one's hair in my life, and I'm kinda lame when it comes to styling my own hair....but for as long as I can remember, I've always thought a hair stylist would be a great gig.  I think it's because it is a job where you can spend the day chit chatting all day long and not get in trouble from your boss, something I struggled with often in the working world!

One day for sure I hope to meet Chris in person one day.  What!?!  It could happen, she doesn't live that far from me.  I love her decorating style, and now that she has moved into a new house, I'm having a great time watching her decorate her home.  There is nothing this girl won't try, she's very handy with a power tool!

And my newest blog crush is Holly.  I liked her so much I am sponsoring her page!  She's fun to read, and I love that she reviews so many other blogs, it's a great way to find new people to follow!

So these are just some of the blogs I love to read.  I have many more, will post more later, but would love to hear if you read any of these, or if you have any recommendations for me to add to my daily roll.  Your blog perhaps?