Monday, February 4, 2013

Did you all have a happy Ground Hog Day?  My son reminded me of the occasion on Saturday morning, as if we had forgotten Christmas or some other important holiday.  Here in Ontario, we follow Wiarton Willie, and he predicted an EARLY SPRING! 

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I immediately searched the TV stations to see if Groundhog Day was playing....and only one station, that I DON'T subscribe to, had it running. WHAT?!? Hello broadcasters, isn't this sort of a programming given that you should be playing this movie today?  I was hoping to watch it with Limefreckle Jr....perhaps I'll search Netflix.

In other news, my friend Sandie and I went to see "Silver Lining Playbook" on Friday night.  I haven't been out for a girl's night in AGES.  We went for a nice dinner before hand, and because we had preordered tickets at the VIP section of our local theatre, we were able to just stroll into the theatre to our pre-assigned, leather club seats, drink in hand, just before the movie started. We don't go to the movies often, but in my mind, it's the only way to go!  If you ask me all theatres should have this section.  The movie was fantastic, now I understand the Oscar nominations (although truth be told, it's the only Oscar nominated movie I've seen this year.  I rarely go to an adult focused movie, we tend to see whatever suit's Limefreckle Jr.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Bradley won the Oscar for this portrayal, although, how can I really say that if I haven't seen the other nominees?  But come on, he's just so adorable......I'd vote for him based on that alone! He did a good job playing this character.  I don't know much about bipolar disorder, but I think they did a great job in portraying what it can be like living with any kind of mental illness or disorder.  I saw a little bit of living with Autism in this, mostly in the way some of the characters just couldn't help themselves from saying what came to mind.....they showed it with real grit and honesty.....very impressive.  DeNiro was of course fantastic, and was it just me, or did you think that the actress that played his mother, Jackie Weaver, reminded me of Sally Struthers?  OK, I didn't think of that on my own, Sandie pointed it out to me....but I literally had to look her name up when I got home because I just couldn't stop thinking of Gloria whenever she was on the screen!

In other news, I spent Saturday doing what I do best...scrounging the internet for new ideas,  and catching up on my PVR.  I have a SERIOUS television addiction, I'm almost embarrassed to talk about it!  I really need to get a life, and stop vicariously living through the various Real Housewives (I watch them ALL!)   On tap this weekend.....Dallas (don't know why I'm watching it, I know that once JR is gone it won't be worth watching) What Not to Wear (my fantasy is to spend a week with Stacey and Clinton), Million Dollar Decorators, and Grey's Anatomy (don't know why I'm still watching this...but I do..)  I taped Starter Wives Confidential got about 1/4 of the way through, and just couldn't continue.....I've got to draw the line SOMEWHERE! 

Does anyone else have such a serious television addiction?  If so, how did you (or did you) get over it?  At least I multi task, I'm always doing other things while the TV is on.....but I really have to figure out how to cut out some of these shows without worrying that I'm missing out on something.....