Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton, why do you keep doing this to me?

This morning I sat down with Kleenex in hand, turned on the PVR and prepared for the worst on Downton Abbey.  I started crying when Tom was talking with Mrs. Hughes about Sybil, and pretty much kept on till the end of the episode.  I've heard rumours since the season began, so I knew it probably wasn't going to end well, and of course Downton didn't disappoint...Thanks Julian Fellowes for ruining what was supposed to be a happy Family Day! I'll try to soldier on, and remind myself that the Crawley's  arent' real people, and even if they were they truly have little impact on my life. IT'S JUST A SHOW I'll keep telling myself till the sting wears off. Now I have to wait till they play the Christmas special here in Canada, to find out the rest of the story and google won't tell me when that might be!  Must find someone who has a DVD copy!

edited -- I just realized that this episode I just watched WAS the Christmas episode from 2012 -- I guess I was expecting a Christmas theme..... so this is what they did to Brits on Christmas day?  SHAME ON YOU DOWNTON!!!

By the way, can you believe that this is O'Brien in the real world?

image found here

Lookin' good, O'Brien, lookin' good! 

It was s a long weekend here in Canada, courtesy of our liberal premier, who instituted a "family day" holiday back when he was elected.  Note to all politicians - nothing gets Canadians to jump on board your platform more than the promise of a holiday in the middle of a cold Canadian winter!  It's not rocket science folks....

It was a well earned holiday,  one where we did pretty much nothing. Saturday Limefreckle Jr. had his best friend over, and they ran around the house pretending they were filming a movie.  There was a lot of dialogue such as "action", "quiet on set" and other director speak that I have no idea where they learned, but it kept them happy and quiet, so that's all right by me.  We were going to go out for a family movie night and dinner, but the snow kept falling, all afternoon and into the evening, and it just made more sense to lay on the couch.  It was pretty to watch, big fat, flakes, my favourite on a cold February night.

I watched a movie I'd been saving on the PVR, "The Five Year Engagement".  The movie was entertaining, it didn't blow me away, but I have to say.....the music spoke to me.  Do you ever have a movie where the music just blows you away, so much so that you want to meet whoever was in charge of the music for said movie, because you know that you would be the best of friends, you clearly have so much in common....that was the kind of music they had in the movie.  I'm a big Van Morrison fan, and the Swell Season did a wonderful cover of "Into the Mystic" (mine and Mr. Limefreckle's song).  That and Audra Mae's cover of "Crazy Love" were fantastic!

Sunday was another glorious day, I headed up to visit a friend in "the country" and as I drove through the rural roads, I marveled at how pretty a blanket of snow sparkles on all the trees.  This is when I truly love a Canadian winter!

Today  Mr. Limefreckle went to work, because workaholics can't take more than 2 days off without going a little crazy.  He's coming home to meet Limefreckle Jr. and I for a hot dog and french fry evening at the movies watching "Escape from Planet Earth".  Let me be clear, the hot dogs and french fries will be for the boys, I think I'll eat something before we leave so that I'm not standing at the concession stand, frantically searching my Weight Watchers app on my iphone trying to find something appropriate to eat.  I'll pop a couple of Weight Watchers bars in my purse so I don't feel deprived. 

In the meantime I'm heading into my workshop today to spend sometime playing around and perhaps create a couple of pieces I've had rolling around in my mind lately.  I haven't spent enough time making new jewelry lately, and I feel inspired this morning, so must jump on that feeling while I'm home and have the time to indulge...

What did you do this glorious February weekend?


Danielle K said...

I cried so many times during this Downton episode :( Ugh! I just wanted them to be happy together - too much sadness!