Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Wife...Happy Life!

It's been a wonderful week, although a little too cold for my taste. That damn groundhog said an early spring, but so far all I can think about is FEBRUARY IS WAY TOO LONG!  It's been bone chillingly cold around here, and I've about HAD IT UP TO HERE with winter.  Such is life in Canada!  But here in Southern Ontario, we really have nothing to complain about.   I think of my poor friends up in Northern Ontario, where I spent the first 21 years of my life, they get WAY more snow than we do, and I can tell by facebook posts that they are all reaching the end of their ropes.  This sort of sums it up:

and this isn't really all that far off.  I remember bringing my husband home for Christmas for the first time, and he couldn't believe the snow banks over his head.  It's so exciting, those early snowfalls
before now it's just getting old...
We had a short week here, because Monday was "Family Day" and I've been off all week.  I trained at the gym twice, and only made it to hot yoga once this week. Hopefully I can get a class in this weekend. Did a little bit of cardio before training on Tuesday, and will again tomorrow, but feel like I've been a bit light in that department.  It's been so cold at night I haven't been taking the dog for his walks like I usually do.  Must rectify that tonight, no matter what it is like out!
Thursday the students at Limefreckle Jr's school threw a surprise "Bachelor Party" for his teacher (he goes to a small private school for kids on the autism spectrum.)  His teacher gets married this weekend, so the students "kidnapped him" handcuffed him, and blindfolded him, and took him to a local restaurant for lunch, and some dancing and games.  This school is the BEST school in the world, and we are so lucky to have found it.  The teachers are really more like family, and it was so fun to watch the kids enjoy this escapade.  Everyone wrote in a book of "Marriage advice" to the bride and groom".  Some of the kids entry's were:
"love your wife Mr. F. You should give her lots of squeezes..."
"when you are married, smile and say 'you are gorgeous'"
from the only girl in the class:
"Mr. F, when you are married, you should kiss your wife and sing "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber"
and my son's stellar advice:
"when you are married you should take your wife to a nice and cool hotel"
I gave him the best piece of advice I could....just 4 little words to remember:
And you have a happy weekend!



J and A said...

I love those 4 words! ;)

Danielle K said...

Best advice ever :)