Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday - A lesson in Perspective

It's Weigh in Wednesday again, and I'm linking up with Erin and Alex once more!  This time I'll remember to actually LINK my post to the others, and then you'll all be able to find me here!

I lost another whopping 0.1 lbs this week....that's right, 2 weeks in a row, just 0.1 lb.   Let's see, I'm not that great at math, but I think that means that to lose 50 pounds, at this rate, it will take me about 500 weeks......hmmm, not that motivating!

But actually, IT WAS VERY MOTIVATING THIS TIME AROUND!  Let me 'splain....

Last week I was very disappointed to see a 0.1 lb. drop.  I had expected 2 pounds, because I had weighed myself at home, and that's what my scale said at home.....stark naked, before breakfast.  I don't know why I set myself up to fail like that, I should stick with one set of scales, one time per week....but sometimes I can't help myself.  So when I got to my Weight Watcher's meeting, and the scale showed 0.1 lb. loss, I WAS PISSED!!   Then I got sick over the weekend, I felt deflated, and I ate....and ate, and ate and was a horrible week, no real plan in place, half heartedly counting points, etc. 

Today when I went to get weighed in, I expected to see a 2 lb. GAIN....instead, I saw 0.1 lb loss....exactly the same as last week.  But instead of being disappointed, like last week, I was ELATED that I had lost ANYTHING!  Amazing what perspective will do for you!!

So I'm trying to learn a lesson here.....and I've pushed "reset"  - I've started a new let's see how that goes.

Incidentally, our meeting leader, who lost a total of 36 lbs., told us that she lost her weight with an average loss of 0.4 lbs. per week.  That must have been so discouraging....but she did it, and 5 years later, here she is, still keeping that weight off, and motivating others as well!  That made my 0.1 seem almost long as the scale is heading in the right direction, than so am I!


hvpooly said...

I've been gaining and losing the same pound for weeks now. It can be very frustrating. Keep at it and eventually the scale will move more :)