Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I really wasn't expecting this, I'm so unprepared...

I've been nominated by the lovely Alicia at Brew Loving Mama, for a Liebster Award!  Thank you for nominating me!  I think this is a great way to get to know some new bloggers, and to get to know these bloggers better.

Here are the rules.
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the question the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
  3. Choose 11 blogs with under 200 followers and link them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No tags back!

Here are 11 random things about me:

  1. The Wizard of Oz still kind of freaks me out, all these years later.  Those monkeys and that wicked witch are SCARY!
  2. My nickname as a child was Susanna Banana.  Very original.  And still, at 48 years old, people sing "oh Susanna" to me, as if I've never heard it! 
  3. I would love to write a book about living with Autism.  Not a manual, just an honest, funny, "it's not as bad as one might think" light read.
  4. I have a hard time not finishing a book once I start it.  I HAVE to finish it, can't just say "oh, I don't like this".  Working on Part 3 of 50 Shades right now.
  5. I am Canadian, but went to University in Michigan.  Loved it.  Love Americans.
  6. I always wished that I had become a hair stylist.  Not that I've ever wielded a pair of scissors or cut any ones hair.  I think I just like the idea of having a job where it's not frowned upon to chit chat!
  7. I'm a makeup addict, LOVE Sephora, yet often go out with none on.  Sad....
  8. I'm married to a workaholic.  Spent a lot of years fighting it, but finally realized that everyone has their thing, and I've learned to live with it.  He's a good man, a GREAT Dad, and he loves his family -- things could be a whole lot worse!
  9. I love to sleep.  If I'm having a bad day, or I'm too stressed, sleep is where I turn, to escape.  But even when things are good, I love a good nap!
  10. I worry CONSTANTLY, about EVERYTHING!  It's exhausting...
  11. I am addicted to hot yoga.  I think it's helping me with #10.

Here are the answers to the 11 questions from Alicia 

  1. What is your dream vacation?  I think it would have to be a trip to Europe.  England, France and Italy for sure.  I would probably like to do a whirlwind kind of thing, as many places we could see crammed together....cause it would probably be a once in a lifetime trip.
  2. Your favorite childhood memory? Any Christmas - it's my favourite time of year, and it is magical!
  3. How you started blogging? I started blogging when I opened my Etsy shop, as a way for customers to know me a little better.  Then I decided that I had a lot to say about autism, so I started blogging about that.  Lately I've been connecting with so many bloggers travelling the same weight loss journey with me, so my blog is often about that.  I'm all over the map!
  4. Favorite color?  Purple.  At yoga the other day, as I was leaving, the instructor commented on all my purple.  I realized I had on a purple coat, was carrying 2 purple bags, and my mat and water bottle were purple.  It's the colour of royalty ya know!
  5. First thing you do in the morning? Make a cup of coffee and settle down to catch up with as many blogs as I can.  Preferably without having to talk to anyone in the house.  Not a morning talker.  I think I talk so much the rest of the time, it's my "quiet time".
  6. Night owl or morning person?  Morning.  Even though I don't like to talk, I do get up pretty easily.  Love to be in bed early....8 o'clock is not too early some nights!
  7. Favorite TV show?  Do I have to have just one?  I'm a TV addict.   How about Favorite TV show RIGHT NOW -- Breaking Bad.
  8. Ideal night out? Dinner with friends....no kids.
  9. Beer or wine? Wine, white and plenty of it.
  10. What's your job? I do some work from home for Mr. Limefreckle, run my Etsy jewelry business, and take care of Jr. 
  11. Favorite season? Fall.  Wish it lasted longer. 

I'm tagging 11 new (to me) blogs that I have discovered lately and am enjoying. In no particular order:

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Ladies, if you accept your Liebster, here are your questions to post on your blog:

  1. Cats or Dogs?
  2. What is your favourite song right now?
  3. What book are you reading, and is it in book format, or kindle/ipad?
  4. What do you like most about blogging?
  5. What would be your dream job?
  6. Where did you last go on vacation?
  7. What kind of car do you drive?
  8. Favourite jewelry - earrings, bracelet or necklace?
  9. What is your favourite workout?
  10. Last movie you saw in a theatre?
  11. Do you know anyone on the Autism Spectrum?
linking up to Lisette and Impulsive Addict.


Shawn said...

I love your 11 things.

My daughter wants to be a teacher for autistic children, she'd love to read your book I'm sure.

I did hair for almost 10 years, it was a fun job, always something new and someone interesting. It was perfect for this chatty Cathy!

Thanks for linking up with us again!

Janette Johanson said...

The fun part of these blog awards is getting to learn about each other and I relate with you on being a worry wart about everything. I worry that I worry. I used to want to do hair- but mostly to braid it when I was about 8 years old- and probably since then, I've had the same hair do, so I'd probably not be the best at it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award, how fun! I love the fun facts that you shared :D

Alicia said...

The Wizard of Oz seriously freaks me out and I hate morning talk! There's no reason for it! All that needs to be said can be said with a cup of caffeine.

Kelly said...

Thanks for the award! Where did you go to school in Michigan? I live halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Impulsive Addict said...

I was tagged!!!! Yay me!!!

Hey...my husband is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have to visit a couple times a year. I'm not much on cold weather so I prefer a Michigan summer!

I'm married to a work-aholic too. So glad he's a great dad. And I love sleep. I have a newborn so I'm missing it right now.

I can't wait for 50 Shades movie!!!

Thanks for linking up again!!