Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mean Girls

Before I launch into my tirade of the day, I must announce the winner of my PIN IT TO WIN IT
contest!  It was Alison B!  I will email you to get your address.  This is the item that she pinned

OK, on to my question of the day:  Does high school never end? 

I'm not that young anymore....I'm in my 40's.....closer to my 50's than 30's....(alright I'm 48!)
I have encountered a lot of mean girls in my life....but not in high school, I really don't recall that being a big problem back then.....most of the girls in my school were fine.  The mean girls I'm talking about are MOMS!  That's right, other MOMS!

I remember when Limefreckle Jr. was in a typical public school, the mean moms were there IN DROVES.  The parking lot was a veritable mine field, God forbid you parked in a manner that annoyed others -- fights would break out! (I always parked on a street away and walked to the school -- I could use the exercise!)  I remember being in the park, and 2 moms screaming at each other...women that I had assumed were friends!  With all the kids right there, playing on the swings.

Yesterday I had a run in with a mean girl.  Someone that says one thing, but then talks about you behind your back.  I had been told in the past that she had talked about me before, but I chose to just sweep it under the rug, but then I heard it again......fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice....well, you know the rest.  This isn't someone particularly important to my life, someone that I will run into, but don't have to be friends with.  I think I can be "big" enough to be polite and chit chat with her.....but clearly our relationship isn't ever going to go any further than that.  She's much younger than me (I AM an older Mom I guess) so I'm going to just assume that she's immature, and maybe has had a hard time, and is just an angry person.  I'm trying hard not to take anything personally -- not everyone will like me, I have to accept that!  But that's hard, when you've invited someone into your life, into your home and been nothing but friendly......I guess some people like to have a lot of drama in their life, and will create it if it doesn't exist otherwise. 

So that's my rant for the day. Do you have any mean girls in your life?


J and A said...

YAY!!! Thank you! LOVE that bracelet!

Kelly said...

Mean girls - they never really grow up, do they? It's so sad, because as I get older I appreciate female relationships so much more. There could be a wealth of support between women (especially moms!) but too often, because of insecurity, immaturity, or cattiness relationships just can't fully develop. You are truly being a "grown-up" about the whole thing!