Friday, March 1, 2013

Sparkly Green Earrings Y'all

I don't know why I just said Y'all....I'm Canadian, I should have said "Sparkly Green Earrings - eh?" but lately I've been reading a few bloggers from Texas, and, because I have a great love of the south, I'm channelling my inner southern belle.

\Yesterday I mentioned one of my favourite bloggers, Big Mama.  I've been reading her for quite some time now.  And she too is from Texas.  She's one of the most hilarious bloggers I've come across, I mean it people, you will spit out your morning coffee on more than one occasion while reading her daily updates.  She's genuine, she's funny, and she could be your best friend.  But she already has one, Gulley, who she talks about quite often on the blog.  And she's a big Downton Abbey fan, so what's not to like?

She recently wrote her first book, Sparkly Green Earrings and it is as refreshing, funny and lighthearted as her blog.  I knew I had to have it as soon as I read this blurb about the book.  The line "If you’re looking for an expert on the subject of motherhood, then I suggest you put this book down immediately" made me laugh out loud and get on over to Amazon to preorder a copy. 

Well, I preordered all right, and because I wasn't really paying too close attention at check out, I ordered myself two copies, instead of one.  I finished my copy in a couple of days, and while I pondered returning the extra copy to Amazon, I instead came up with the very brilliant idea of gifting one of YOU with it instead.  And then, because I'm smart like that, I thought "why not whip up a pair of sparkly green earrings to go with it?"  So, when I found myself with a little extra time on my hands courtesy of old man winter this week, I got my act in gear, and made these earrings:

So here is what you will receive.....a copy of the book AND a pair of the earrings

If you can't wait to see if you win the giveaway, you can always head over to my shop and purchase these earrings here.  For the duration of the giveaway, I'm offering 20% off everything in my shop, you can use the coupon code SPARKLY at checkout.

In the meantime, you can enter this giveaway, the only requirement is to like my Facebook page.  You can earn additional entries by pinning an item from my shop (any item) to pinterest, and/or by posting a comment on my blog (I love your comments!)  And if you are interested in my blog, please follow me!  I'll be offering another giveaway when I reach 100 followers.

The contest starts this morning and ends Thursday March 7th at midnight.  Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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michelle said...

I like the earrings so much. They are really cute :) I hope I win a pair to wear to an event I have coming up.

Crystal Hamilton said...

I've been inspired by healthy bloggers recently. My favorite is "The Lean Greenbean" : )

Susan Broughton said...

I have just started with blogging and really couldn't tell you anything or anyone yet.

DH Jax said...

These are really cute earrings and I love reading, so a great giveaway to me.... Unfortunately I'm very new to the blogging world and so I don't really have any bloggers and blogs that inspire me in particular but I have been inspired in general by all the green living blogs, none in particular but more bits and pieces from many. I've been trying to make some switches for my family to more natural products so we can live more Eco consciously....we already so many things like gardening, recycling, composting, have been inspired by all these people who live completely Eco friendly lifestyles. Also because we are huge animal lovers we are inspired by the blogs who are focused on helping animals. Wish I could tell you specific people but hope this gives an idea of what I have been so inspired by in my short time reading blogs. Thank you.