Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday - Wow!

It's weigh in Wednesday again!

This has been a really rough week for me.  I was home all week for March Break with Limefreckle Jr. the weather is CRAP (don't talk to me about the weather, pretty much everyone I know right now is completely on edge and TOTALLY OVER Winter already!) so there was a lot of lounging around the house, and not a lot of activity taking place (unless you count eating popcorn at the movies as activity).  Yesterday I finally got back to the gym, today I'm off to hot yoga, I finally feel normal again.
BUT, having said all that, I still lost 1.8lbs, I'm now 196.
I'm not entirely sure how that happened, given my poor eating habits over the past week (OK, they creeped into this week too) but I'll take it!  I want to pretend last week never happened, and get back on track because in a couple of weeks I'm going to be in Myrtle Beach, and I can see this whole scenario playing itself out all over again....except in warmer weather - with a drink in my hand. 
Isn't it weird how some weeks you work really, REALLY hard and the scale doesn't show it, and others you probably deserve to be up a bit, and the scale is down?  I guess that's why you shouldn't rely on the scales too much.
So, lesson learned, back to being a little more thoughtful about what goes into my mouth!
How did you do this week?
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Jess @ Operation Skinny Jeans said...

Congrats on the loss! I am your newest follower from Weigh in Wednesday! The scale and I are frienemies. Sometimes it shows how much work i have done, and sometimes it just picks random numbers it feels like lol. I entered your contest too! I love this bracelet and these earings!

Alexandra Nicole said...

Hey, I know you emailed me a while ago about a button swap, I can't find the email to respond. But I'm down girl, email me the code! I'm sorry I'm such a hot mess! Congrats on the loss & thanks for linking up!

The Nanny Jenny said...

I found you via Weigh In Wednesday! I have the same issues with my scale, sometimes I get really really confused when I gain a pound after what I think is a great week. I try to look at how my habits and body is changing and that makes me get excited. Way to go on the loss!!!

BrandiH said...

I'm here from Weigh In Wednesday. Nice loss! Time home is always a killer for me! I'm over winter too, wish I had a trip to Myrtle Beach planned!


Lacey_Renea said...

Congrats on losing almost 2 pounds this week! That is fantastic!

Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

Hollie said...

Yay for your loss! I had a crazy week and was surprised by my scales too. Myrtle Beach sounds fun!

Kate said...

It bothers me when the scale doesn't accurately reflect my habits (good or bad), too! But hey, you can take it this week--just think of how many times you get screwed out of a loss on a good week. That's what I do (or used to do...when I was losing)! :-P

Frances Kendrick said...

Congrats on your loss!! That's fantastic!!!

To a healthier lifestyle!!


Shesabigstar said...

Heck yes on the loss, even though you weren't expecting it! Now you can get back on track this week and build on it and next week you'll be feeling even better! Great job girl!

bailey j said...

Dang - nice loss! This week I totally imagined I'd be up like 3lbs after some post break up emotional eating disasters but I wasn't. I guess we needed a break aha. Way to go on the loss!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Yeah for a loss!!! :) so happy for you!!