Friday, March 15, 2013

Who does she think she is, Princess Margaret?

I read on some blogs that there was an Instagram thing going around recently about celebrity dopplegangers.  I have an Instagram account, but have been fairly slow to jump on the's all I can do to keep up with my blogging and check Facebook everyday, I'm just not sure if I can commit to Instagram (same for Twitter - just haven't gotten into it yet).  But I was intrigued to find out who my celebrity doppleganger was.  I did a Google search, unfortunately I can't remember which ones I used...but there are several.  I used two different sites, because I wanted to find as many celebrities that I looked like as possible.

Several were people I'd never heard of....that's no fun, I want to look like someone FAMOUS!!  These are the 3 that came up on both, so I suppose they are my closest matches.

First off, I was quite happy to see that I am associated with Jenna Fischer.....I could only hope to look like her!

I guess I see it a bit, but I don't really think we look that much alike.

Next up, ya, RIGHT, if I was 20 years younger, blonde, and with better teeth, is Jessica Simpson

Jessica is a stretch, I don't think anyone's going to be mistaking me for her anytime soon.

This last one is the one I think I do look most like.  While I'm not a ginger, I did rock some pretty awesome auburn hair in my younger years, before the premature grey started sneaking in and I had to start booking monthly visits with my stylist for colour touch ups.  Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (is she still the Duchess of York?  She always will be in my book!)

Yes, I think this is the winner!  Must be my British heritage, but slap some coloured contacts on me and lighten my hair, and I'm sipping tea and munching on crumpets with the Queen of England (reminds me of a story --back when I worked at a bank, I had to tell a woman that we wouldn't renew her mortgage -- she was less than pleased with me!  She went to my boss to complain, and said to him "Who does she think she is, Princess Margaret?"  We laughed about that for years.....not "The Queen of England, but her less famous sister, Princess Margaret!)

So who do YOU think I look most like?  And who is your celebrity doppleganger?

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Kelly said...

I don't think I look like anyone famous. I always get mistaken for someone's cousin's girlfriend or friend because I guess I just look *familiar*. Or like I date a lot of cousins. I don't know.

I pinned it! The URL is: