Monday, April 29, 2013

Is it safe to put away the Winter boots?

What a wonderful weekend we had here in Southern Ontario!   Spring has FINALLY arrived....isn't it interesting how when that happens, the daffodils and tulips suddenly appear overnight,  the buds are on the trees, everything seems ALIVE!

My weekend started early, Friday was a PD day for Limefreckle Jr. so my close friend and her son, who is LJ's best buddy, went out for a hike in a local park with lots of squirrels, birds, swans, etc.  It was so nice to breathe some fresh air and get out into the sunshine!!   We hiked for about an hour, then had a quick lunch and headed to see The Croods at the theatre.  Cute movie.

Can you believe these 2 are only 8 months apart? Limefreckle Jr. is a Giant!!

Saturday my same friend and I, along with another girlfriend, headed over to Niagara on the Lake, had a fancy lunch at a local winery, then strolled around the shops, poking around and just generally enjoying more nice weather.  We spent the night at the Marriott in Niagara Falls, and enjoyed some much needed girl time.  Walked down to the falls and did the tourist thing, had a drink on a patio, enjoyed some nachos and Margaritas at Margaritaville, then went for a later dinner at Ruth's Chris.  (I've never eaten there before, I can say with certainty it was the best steak I ever had in my life!)

We were back in our room by 10:30, we aren't really "casino" people, and we are way past the "clubbing" years, which is pretty much the main entertainment in Niagara Falls at night, so we just flaked out and enjoyed our room.  We had a lot of laughs, caught up, we are all moms of kids on the spectrum, we all met when our kids all attended the same school, and I consider these girls "my people".  They "get" me, they've had similar experiences to me, and they are my biggest support.  It's wonderful to have friends who you can be totally "yourself" with, who know your flaws, your insecurities, your "things" but love you anyway. 

enjoying the sun on a patio -- so good to have best friends to spend time with!

On Sunday morning we had planned to have a quick breakfast, then head home.  Just as we finished packing up our bags, the fire alarm went off!  And here we were, on the 15th floor.  We walked out into the hall, there was a family with 3 small kids and 2 strollers, the Mom looked completely stressed, people were milling about, we tried to ask a couple of hotel employees where the stairs were, however they couldn't speak English.  We found the stairs, headed down, and on my way down the stairs....I started to stress a bit.  I suddenly started to think about the recent terror attack in Boston, the recent THWARTED terror attack in Toronto, and suddenly my mind was filled with doubt.  "What if this isn't just a false alarm, what if something is wrong?"   "We are in Niagara Falls after all, this is a major tourist destination".   It was such a weird feeling, but for a moment it completely overwhelmed me, so much so that I started to tear up when we reached the outside of the building!  The feelings really sort of overwhelmed me, my friends were of course supportive and understanding, I felt a bit silly, and really had no idea why this simple thing affected me so much!

We talked about it on the drive home.  I worked for many years in an office building, on the 19th floor, in Downtown Toronto.  We had COUNTLESS fire drills and false alarms which I would usually just work right through, or begrudgingly complain when we had to hoof it down all those flights of stairs.  NEVER did I EVER consider that anything serious was going to happen.

Then September 11th happened.  I was home at the time, Limfreckle Jr. was just 5 months old, but I vividly remember the day, I was talking via email to a former coworker, I was imagining, like the entire world, what I would have done if something like that had happened in my building.  The thought that people were told to stay in their offices haunts me to this day, I would NEVER again stay in a building when an alarm was sounding.  I realized on our drive home that this would be the first time SINCE 9/11 that I've been in a public building when a fire alarm went off.  Maybe that is why it affected me as it did.  My reaction scared me - I don't want to live in fear.  I hope that if this does happen again, it doesn't overwhelm me like it did (I would like to think that on the whole, I'm a pretty rational and calm person, but sometimes I wonder!)

Our car was waiting for us at the valet parking when we made it to the bottom, so we were fortunate, we didn't get delayed in any way, the fire trucks were just pulling up as we pulled out of the hotel parking lot.   Probably it was just a prank by a kid, a false alarm.  We headed off to ihop and the end of our vacation.  But the incident was a reminder that the world has changed, will continue to change.  There are some very scary people out there whose mission it is to cause us harm.  But my most important lesson to take away from my experience is to work on not letting fear creep in and take over. That would be the real tragedy. I never want to be a person that can't put myself out there because of fear.  That would be no way to live.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

I wonder what it would be like to live like a normal family....

When you only have one child, and that child is on the autism spectrum, you throw normal out the window pretty early on in your life. I only have one boy, I haven't got a clue what it might be like to raise a child that is "typical", and I sometimes wonder, what would we be doing differently if our son was not on the spectrum?

One thing that I see friends with typical children doing, that I'm frankly envious of, is the incredible social interaction their children get to have.  Sleepovers, visits to friends houses, hockey games, etc.  Our son has a few friends, he is VERY social for a child on the spectrum, but his chances to meet and interact with other kids are limited.  He has his friends at his very small private school, he has cousins, he has friends that are kids of OUR friends....but he doesn't just get to go out on the playground and meet people.  He tries, and every once in awhile he will come home and tell me about someone new he met at the park (we live right behind a park, so he goes over there quite often on his bike, and tries his best to interact with the other kids on the playground.)   For the most part that goes pretty well, he sometimes joins in a game of tag or "grounders", he plays on the swings, he INTERACTS.  But he doesn't really get the opportunity to make LASTING friends, all on his own.  That is something that is very hard for him to do, and something I pray will come easier to him as he gets older.

Recently something came up that has me feeling a bit sad, and wondering if things might be different if our son was "typical".  We have a family wedding coming up, and he is invited. The problem is, he doesn't want to go.  He wears nothing but sweatpants and t-shirts (shorts in the summer) he can't stand zippers, buttons, etc. so the thought of getting dressed up in a suit has him totally stressed out.  He has such weird eating issues, the only thing that he will eat when we are out somewhere is french fries, not likely to be on the menu at a wedding.  And I just can't imagine him sitting through A) the church ceremony, or B) the speeches!   I do think he would enjoy the party afterwards, and even thought that maybe we could bring him, and he could come only for the party, but so far he doesn't seem interested at all.  The wedding is not in our town, so we would have to find someone to watch him for 2 nights (think we can do that with family members) but part of me is feeling very sad that our family can't participate in something that is a very FAMILY thing to do.  The wedding is my cousin's daughter, 4 cousins that I don't get to see often enough and who haven't really gotten to know our son except through facebook interactions.  I want so much for him to go and meet everyone now that he is so much older (he saw most of them last the year he was born!)  but I know that it won't be a comfortable situation for him.

I suppose this is just a part of life that I have to accept, and let's face it, maybe I'm overreacting, maybe families of typical 12 year olds face these very same problems!    But times like this are one of the few times that I wonder what life would be like if not for Autism!

And coincidentally, it is Autism Awareness month in April!  This is my version of an autism awareness bracelet, They are $25, $10 from the proceeds of the sale of each bracelet is donated to an organization that supports children on the spectrum.  See my Etsy shop for details.

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Does slow and steady win the race?

 I recently had my blog redesigned (thank you Hubby Jack!) and I went into the WEIGHT LOSS tab to update my weight loss stats. It's sloooowwww friends, very, very slow.   I had a slow start, tiny losses here and there, then got into a groove and felt fantastic.  Then I went on vacation.  UGH!  I got back almost 3 weeks ago, and I'm still struggling with my eating.

I'm an emotional binge eater.  No emotion is safe from me - boredom, anger, sadness, happiness -- I associate them all with food.  I find myself lately sneaking into the cupboard, to find whatever carbs I can to make me happy.  Perhaps it's the bad weather.  I had vowed to Limefreckle Jr. that once spring got here we would start bike riding after school.  Well it's to stinking cold to bike ride, plus the trails are probably covered in mud and water.  It's so much easier to plop down on the couch and have a little snack.

And here I am, blogging about weight loss and my journey.  Well it looks like this journey is gonna take a little time folks, I hope you are in it for the long haul!

But one thing I know for sure -- I'm not getting off this train -- I'm in it to win it, I've been down this road before.  I've gained and lost and gained and lost so many pounds over the years I can't even count them anymore.  I've lost quickly before - About a year ago I took off 40 pounds almost effortlessly, it literally melted off, and I thought my weight loss worries were over.  Then I went on vacation, and BAM! the pounds started to creep back on (do you see a pattern here with my vacations?)

So I definitely don't have it all together.  I'm no expert on all of this (while, actually, I do know a lot about weight loss, having done it so many times, I just don't always put those strategies into action) but I do know that I don't really have any other alternative.  I guess I could give up, but then what?  How many pounds would I put back on?  So I continue, day by day, 1 pound at a time, confident in the fact that eventually I will be at my goal.  I saw this on a friend's facebook post today and it sums up exactly how I feel!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finding my niche - Non Scale Victory

It's taken me quite a few years, but I've finally reconciled myself to the fact that


Running seems to be the pinnacle of exercise success to a lot of bloggers out there.  They post pics of their races, their training, pics of themselves in cute little outfits, with funky headbands, flexing their muscles.  I always think I would be way too embarrassed to pull out my iphone and photograph myself while working out -- but to each his own, I give full credit to those bloggers that do that, you are inspiring a nation!  I'm way to red in the face and out of breath when I'm training at the gym, to be photographed.

But I've finally allowed myself to be honest, and admit, no matter how hard I try - I DO NOT LIKE TO RUN! 

I was a runner once, for a brief period of my life.  A personal trainer I was seeing had a whole group of us training for a 10K.  We took a few months. I finally was running for 50 minutes at a time, a big thing for me, and then I got pregnant, and started to bleed, and that ended my running career for a long time.  I always thought that maybe I couldn't get back into it because of the association of the miscarriage I had (I've had 2, one before Limefreckle Jr. and then this one, afterwards).  I laid off running for quite awhile.

Recently I tried to take it up again.  Never mind my herniated disc I told myself, I can do this.

But I can't.  And more importantly I DON'T WANT TO. 

Those are powerful words to me.....I really DONT WANT to run, and so why should I? It's time on this journey, to find the exercises that REALLY inspire me, that MAKE me want to go to the gym, in short, THAT I ENJOY.

I found this on Pinterest, the other day, and couldn't agree more:

(the link didn't work to the original source, so I can't give you the origin of this, but I like this gal's style!)
While I do go to a traditional "gym" twice a week for weight training (with my fantastic trainer Trevor, that trains my mind as much as my body, and makes me look forward to our sessions), my real passion is  HOT YOGA!  It's absolutely the most fantastic form of exercise I have ever come across, I can't WAIT to get to classes, and I often find myself disappointed when the class is over.
It's not easy, poses can be very challenging, and I feel that I can definitely achieve the body that I desire by doing hot yoga.  I used to always say "but I still need my cardio", or "I have to do weights" and while I do believe that to some extent, more and more I'm starting to see the benefits of yoga, and what a wonderful exercise it really is.  What has surprised me most about my practice is the mind, body connection.  I've found that the more I practice, especially when done many days in a row, the calmer and more relaxed my mind is.  I may not lose this weight as quickly as I would if I were running, but my weight is going DOWN, and that is all that matters.
I have found the exercise for me that I can see myself doing for the rest of my life.  In a yoga class I feel long, lean, like a ballerina.
This is how I think I look during yoga:
This is what I probably really look like:

But somehow I'm OK with this.  I wear the skimpiest outfits that I wouldn't be caught dead in at the gym.  I am free to be myself, to grow and improve in my own time, and to challenge no one but myself.  My body is getting stronger, my mind is getting stronger, my CONFIDENCE is getting stronger.  It's a good thing.

This is my non-scale victory for this week.  Figuring out what really works for me, and not being afraid to admit it.


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday - Back on Track, sort of

I'm linking up again with Alex and Erin for Weigh in Wednesday


Today's weight is 198, a loss of 1.2 lbs. I feel better, back on track, I've been watching what I've been eating, but not fully tracking. I missed my WW meeting last week AGAIN (I know I could go to a different meeting, but I'm anal like that, have to go to the same one at the same time, or nothing....) I do think that the meetings help me stay on track (have to miss this week too, Limefreckle Jr. has a PD day at school). But I'm back on track, I'll be happy with that, take the loss and move on. Today I have to go get that tooth pulled, wonder how THAT will affect my eating? Perhaps I'll lose some you ever think that way? I often look on the bright side when I have the flu, or I'm sick.....that usually results in some kind of weight loss! Once I was in the hospital for 4 days, on intravenous, barely any food, and all I could think about when was how much weight I would lose when I came out (to my surprise...NOTHING! Boy was I pissed!) Anyway, happy hump day, hope your WIW was a positive one!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Decor inspired by Hollywood

When I watch a movie or television show, I often find my eye wandering to the background, admiring the set design, more often than not before the show is ending (unless I'm in a movie theatre) I'm on my laptop trying to get details on the decor.

The first time I remember falling in love with a fictional home was in the movie "As Good As It Gets".  I absolutely LOVE this living room, it makes me want to pack up my bags and head to the Hampton's.

My next inspiration was this living room from "It's Complicated"

I had planned to recreate this room in our last house, but we moved before I had a chance to do it.  Not surprisingly, both rooms were created by production designer Jon Huttman

My current obsession is from the final season of "Weeds".  I discovered while watching Netflix on vacation that I missed an entire season.  I thought the series ended in Season 7, I was like a kid on Christmas morning when I discovered that Nancy actually survived!  And WOW do I love her home!!  After searching google images, I discovered that Julie Bolder is the designer behind most of the amazing sets on Weeds, way back to season 1.  As much as I can't at all relate to Nancy Botwin's pot selling lifestyle, I most certainly relate to her clothes and surroundings....she's one fictional character with a whole lot of style!

None of these rooms could be created in the house I'm currently living in, and for the most part I'm pretty happy with my current decor.....but I see bits and pieces in all these pictures that I'd like to incorporate into my decor (not the least of which is the crown on the dining room table.  It's hard to see in this picture, clearer when you watch the show.  So cute!)

Are you like me, often looking around in the background of movies and tv shows for decor inspiration?  I think I must have gotten that trait from my mom!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans - NOT!

This weekend was a complete bust, due to a toothache that pretty much dominated each day.  It started Friday night slightly, and woke me up in the middle of the night raging in full force.  I had to search around for a dentist in my area that was open, one kind soul took pity on me and fit me in right away.  I have an appointment with him on Wednesday to have my tooth pulled!

I'm not that bad about oral hygiene, I floss, I brush, but over the years I've had plenty of problems (compared to my husband who hasn't seen a dentist in I don't know how long and seem to be fine!)  I've had a root canal, gum surgery, and now this -must be my British heritage!!  Anyway, there is nothing more annoying than a toothache....even the Tylenol 3 the dentist prescribed hasn't worked that well, but thankfully ADVIL has!! 

I had a similar problem back in December, my dentist didn't find anything wrong with me, but said there was a crack in my old filling, so he might as well fill it again.  $200 later, still filled with pain I found myself in the doctor's office assuming the problem must be a sinus infection.  Antibiotics took care of the pain, but clearly more was going on, because the dentist I saw this weekend found a cavity so deep that even a root canal wouldn't solve the problem - so extraction it is!  And guess who found herself a new dentist in the process!!  Anyone that will rearrange his schedule for me to help me out is going to get my business in the future (my current doctor doesn't work on the weekends, and has no emergency contact numbers).  I wasn't too pleased with the attitude last time I was in "well, we might as well fill this thing while your here, even though I don't see any problems".  Apparently there was a problem!

So that pretty much dominated the weekend, taking antibiotics every 8 hours, and painkillers every 4 hours....good times!  Mr. Limefreckle was home all day Saturday waiting on me, and although he went to work Sunday, my good friend called to ask if Limefreckle Jr. wanted to come over for a play date, so I had the day to catch up on the sleep I lost on Friday night!  Not really looking forward to the extraction on Wednesday, but I definitely want to get rid of this pain, so I'll do whatever it takes. 

Getting older SUCKS!

On the bright side, I had lots of couch time to visit my favourite blogs, and update my Etsy store.  Check out these colourful coral earrings for spring.  You can view them here.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Rage is SO unattractive!

I live in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Toronto, a fairly widespread area with LOTS of highways.  The 401, 403, 407, QEW and 400 are all pretty close to me, and I travel them OFTEN, so that makes me somewhat of an expert (who am I kidding, I somewhat of an expert on pretty much anything I please!)  Anyhoo, today while travelling on the QEW to go to yoga, after dropping off Limefreckle Jr. the traffic backed up, as it so often does, and I found myself crawling along to the exit I was looking to take.  It was so backed up, that I didn't make it to the yoga class I had planned, but as luck would have it I was able to get into a different class at another studio (one studio is so late comers....the other more casual).  So everything worked out in the end.  But while I was crawling along the exit, a woman in a car next to me started beeping at me.  She entered the lane right behind me, leaning on her horn the whole time, and I realized she was trying to get into my lane, and I hadn't even noticed her.  I can't say if her signal was on (I'm assuming it was, cause who gives her the right to think I can read minds?)  She beeped at me over and over, I waved (no not a one fingered wave) but I probably wasn't as polite as I should have been, I mouthed "OK, OK, I get it".  She continued to beep at me, then pulled out beside me to take off into an open space, beeping again at least 3 times for good measure!  WTF?????  What turns people into complete lunatics behind the wheel of a car?  OK lady, got ya the first time, my bad, I didn't let you in, didn't realize your stature in the community, next time I'll be on the lookout for you at all times!  Normally something like that can really throw me off for the rest of the morning, I don't like commotion or confrontation....but today, be it the sunshine that has finally broken through, or the fantastic yoga class I was lucky enough to attend.... I found myself laughing, out loud.  I imagined her in her car, blood pressure skyrocketing, and the horn was just an extension of her...."blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ...oh ya, and BLAH in case you didn't hear me!"  I felt so sorry for her (and the people at her work that she must have been in such a hurry to get to).

Before Mr. Limefreckle, I dated a guy, pretty seriously, for 4 years.  He had horrible road rage.  I found it very uncomfortable (one time, I remember him telling me to roll down the window, so he could yell at the person next to him ON THE HIGHWAY!)  When our relationship had clearly lost it's steam (at least 3 months before I finally had the guts to end it) he yelled at an old man that cut him off, and in that moment, his ugliness was revealed to me.  This was not a man that I could respect, clearly not one I would want to spend the rest of my life with.  I wish him no ill will, I'm so happy that we ended things, and I don't really think of him all that often (except that one time I totally stalked his Facebook pictures to see if his wife is pretty...but come on, who doesn't do that?)  but I thought of him today in this instance, and wonder if he still suffers from this problem. 

Either way, I think road rage says a whole lot more of the person who is enraged than it does the "offender" of whatever traffic violation the recipient of the rage is guilty of!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where is the village?

The other day I read this post from Jacqueline, a blogger I recently discovered that also has a child on the spectrum.  This post really resonated with me, it brought up many memories of experiences in the past with Limefreckle Jr., where I felt completely uncomfortable around other parents. 

Limefreckle Jr. was a HANDFUL when he was younger!  He had many behaviour problems, meltdowns happened on a fairly regular basis (sometimes daily).  He was a very physical child, didn't recongize boundaries, saw no problem in knocking over another child if they might be in the way.  He CRAVED physical contact, and would often grab other children in big bear hugs, he thought they were having fun, the other children didn't always feel the same.

I learned over the years how to cope with this.  I worked on strategies to help him "keep his hands to himself".  Most of the children that he encountered were kind, undertanding, and, truth be told, often seemed to enjoy the physical contact as much as he did.

The parents of these other children, could often be an entirely different animal.  It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.  That has not been my experience.  Don't get me wrong, I've sought out our village, I've found plenty of support, and I'm grateful every single day for those people that are in our lives.  But I don't feel that society acts in any way like a village.  In my experience, I feel society seems to be a lot more filled up with parents that think they know better, that rush to chastise your child at the first sign of any indescretion towards THEIR child.  I've met so many helicopter moms (both of typical children, and autistic) and it saddens me.  Some women seem to be so quick to point out your child's failures and flaws, I swear it's not really about the child, but more about their need to show the world that THEY know how to parent better, THEY must reach out to your child to teach them the things in the world that YOU have clearly failed.

In this day and age, 2013, when 1 in 50 children have autism, there is simply no excuse for ANYONE to not know a little bit about autism.  It's not acceptable to walk up to strangers, people who you know absolutely nothing about, and tell them how they should be parenting their children.  YOU ARE NOT HELPING!  If you see a family in distress, a child acting out, a child "misbehaving" YOU ARE NOT HELPING THAT MOM WHEN YOU TRY TO TEACH THEIR CHILD HOW YOU FEEL THEY SHOULD BE BEHAVING".  If you want to be of assistance, ask the mom, if there is anything you can do to help her.  I remember vividly being in a grocery store one time, and LJ was acting up.  A stranger walked up to him and started telling him that he was too old to behave that way (she had no idea how old he was, he's always looked at least 4 years older than he really is) and that he needed to stop.  I've never understood what would compel a complete stranger to step in and take over for a parent THAT IS STANDING RIGHT THERE!  Another time I remember being at a splash pad, he was running around, having a fine time, I was on the periphreal, keeping an eye on things (and so was the lifeguard).  He was sliding down a 3 foot slide headfirst, which seemed to anger another woman, so she started yelling at him.  She wasn't even on his radar!  I walked up to her as I heard her exclaiming to her friend "where is his mother?" and I said "I'm right here.  He has autism, and you yelling at him isn't even registering to him, he needs a calm approach".  She looked shocked, and told me "He has autism?  I never would have known" and then she told me that she works with children with autism!  "God help those poor children" is what I WANTED to say to her, instead I just told her that Autism comes in all shapes and sizes, all children aren't severely affected.

Excuse all the caps, clearly, although we've come a long way since those days, it doesn't happen anymore, those feelings are still very raw and on the surface for me.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, the hardest part about raising a child on the spectrum is most often (for me) having to deal with other parents.  Our society is a dog eat dog world, filled with supermoms who feel they are much better at parenting than everyone else, and can't wait for an opportunity to show you  where you are going wrong.  I used to apologize to those moms, and leave feeling deflated and inadequate.  It never feels good to be treated like you are "less than" and quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing that moms of special needs children need to develop a "thick skin".   Maybe the other moms need to take a page from their own lesson book, and learn some manners that they are often so quick to try to teach to our children. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday - it's caught up with me!

Well, my vacation follies finally caught up with me (who am I trying to kid, I still haven't gotten back on track since I got home, I'm going on 2 1/2 weeks of bad eating!)  Today I weighed in at 199.2, which means I'm up 2.6 lbs.  The funny thing is, I feel like I've lost weight, I could swear yesterday that my pants felt a little loose, and a friend kept raving about how great I I think that helped me feel a tiny bit better.  Perhaps the hot yoga is helping make changes to my body, cause it's sure as heck not the way I've been eating!  I've not been counting WW points at all,  I keep telling myself that I'll get back on track when I go to my next meeting on Friday (I've missed 3 meetings in a row, 2 due to vacation, 1 due to weather).  I'm such an all or nothing person, "I'll start Monday" has always been my my mind, I can't count points today, because it wouldn't be accurate, I need to start when my new week starts.
Time to bust through that kind of thinking -- I'm going to count for the rest of the week, just to prove to myself that I can change my mindset.  Who cares if it's not accurate for the whole week, at least it gets me back on track.
Crazy how our mind plays little tricks on us, trying to mess us up....sometimes I swear I am my own worst enemy!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What is there to say?

I had a meaningless post about decorating scheduled for today, which just seems so wrong in the wake of what happened in Boston yesterday.

I really struggle with things like this, I find myself watching the news for only short periods of time, hardly able to keep the tears at bay.  Meaningless terror and acts of cruelty are just so horrendous that I can't help but turn away.  My heart aches for the victims and their families, and the poor people that were in the vicinity of the bombs yesterday.  I can't help but think about the children that were there, and what they saw, forever etched in their memories.

Then later, while checking my facebook feed, I saw that someone had posted this, and realized that this is the kind of thing I need to focus on, the good in people:

And this quote I've seen before, but it is nice to be reminded:

So this is what I choose to focus on during this tragedy, the good that does exist, in so many people. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Will the birthday celebrations ever end?

On April 3rd, Limefreckle Jr. turned 12.  I didn't post that day, as were were in Myrtle Beach, celebrating.  You would think it was a coronation or something, this kid knows how to stretch out his special day!  Of course upon our return, we had to have a celebration at his school (we combined it with another boy's birthday, which was the day after LJ's)  Then of course we had to have Mr. Limefreckle's family over this weekend, because we hadn't celebrated with them yet.  I think we are finally done.....that's 3 cakes....count the weight watcher's points!!

Plus we still have a truckload of chinese food leftover, because I just didn't feel like cooking for a crowd, and I always order too much!  I noticed this time when I ate it, on Friday night and then again last night my stomach did a few flips afterwards.  I was reminded that I really haven't eaten that kind of stuff in quite awhile, and it actually didn't appeal to me like it used to.  I think I might just garbage the rest of the leftovers in the name of our health!

We had a quiet, restful weekend.  Limefreckle Jr's best buddy came over for a sleepover on Saturday night, while his parents went up to Casino Rama to see "Three Dog Night".....yes, that's how old we all are!  I bet I would have loved it!  Instead I hosted a sleepover, and we had family movie night and watched "Wreck It Ralph".  I'm a sucker for kid's movies, it was as funny the second time around as when I saw it at the theatre!  LJ and his buddy had a great time, the two of them are a hilarious pair, they remind us of a young Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from "Dumb and Dumber". They constantly make us laugh, they have such a fun time in their imaginary worlds they create, and they just "get" each other.  Sometimes they clash, because they are both pretty spirited, strong willed boys, but as they grow older they seem to navigate this friendship better and better.

Sunday was more of the same, which meant nothing, but laying around on the couch and watching "Rock of Ages". It immediately made me want to go onto itunes and download the originals of the soundtrack.  Not to say that the singing wasn't great, who knew Tom Cruise had pipes like that?  But this is my music, I grew up on this stuff, I need the originals. 

So that was our weekend, a whole lot of nothing much, just family time.  Mr. Limefreckle looked at the digital thermometer we have sitting on the window sill in the kitchen, and proclaimed it was 20 degrees out (Celsius) so we all got excited and went out for a family walk.  As soon as we stepped out the door, we had to turn around to get warmer coats, and I figured out this morning he must have been reading the "inside" temperature....but no matter, the sun was out! We haven't seen that sucker since we drove home from Myrtle Beach (yes, the 16 hour drive home were the warmest 2 days of the trip).  It was a welcome site, and so far today is shaping up to be more of the same!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Again Mother nature? Again?

Woke up to even worse weather than yesterday!  It's so blustery and cold, I REALLY just want to stay home today --- which is what I COULD have done yesterday, had I bothered to check my phone for texts - Limefreckle Jr.'s teacher texted me to tell me school was cancelled -- but hey, we went in...once we got there, he was the only one there, working.  Limefreckle Jr. didn't seem phased that we weren't staying, so we headed out, and instead of getting to yoga and the naturopath, I made a quick call to the car salesman I was supposed to meet after school, to see if we could come in a bit earlier to PICK UP OUR NEW CAR!  I've been driving a Mazda CX7 for a few years, and I love it -- However for some reason Mazda chose to discontinue the CX7 -- so our new car is a CX9 -- same colour,  we are so original!  Mr. Limefreckle is a create of habit, he normally continues to drive the same model of car once he finds one he likes -- and I guess I've turned into the same.  Here's hoping that we are as happy with this car as we were with the last.  Limefreckle Jr. loves it, the CX9 has rear row seating, which seemed to be very important to him -- not exactly sure why, perhaps he's bringing along some of his imaginary friends with us on our travels!  When he was younger, he had so many imaginary brothers and sisters I can't keep track!  He'd often name them after cartoon characters that he loved (Melody from The Little Mermaid was one) or real friends that he encountered along the way.  I don't exactly remember when it stopped, but he hasn't talked about his imaginary friends as often (with me at least, he probably does when he's playing with his friends). 

I'm watching Breakfast television to see if the buses are cancelled, and so far I can't tell....I feel like I kid on a snow day, anxiously awaiting news that my school bus will be cancelled....wish me luck!

edited at 8:20AM -- go figure, buses were NOT cancelled today, school is on, but Limefreckle Jr. and I made the executive decision that it is far too YUCKY to set foot outside this early in the morning.  So he's eating toast and playing Skylanders in his underwear, and I'm catching up with my bloggy friends!  Happy Weekend to us!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wake me when Spring Arrives

I have a daily calendar with these little gems, and this is what I pulled yesterday.  Today is grey, yucky, and we have freezing rain.  To say that I'm sick of this weather would be a major understatement!  It seems like summer is never going to arrive, let alone spring!  Limefreckle Jr. reminded me yesterday that "April Showers bring May flowers" which I'm sure teachers across North America are reciting for our kids....just like they did when we were kids, to make everyone feel better.    I need some SUNSHINE!! 

Days like this make me want to lay on the couch with a blanket pulled over my head, catching up on "Real Housewives" episodes.....doesn't matter which city....they are all equal trainwrecks that I can't seem to stop watching!  Although, the Real Housewives of Vancouver is particularly bad -- these women can't act at all!  At least the other franchises make it appear that what is happening is not totally scripted (at least some of the time). 

But I will persevere, off I go to get Limefreckle Jr. to school, then I'm heading straight to hot yoga, because NOTHING makes you feel better on a gray day like today than a hot yoga class!  I am seriously addicted to it.  After that I have an appointment with a naturopath for accupunture.  I've been feeling like my hormones are totally out of whack lately, so I decided to see a naturopath, when my traditional doctor couldn't find anything specific going on.  My periods are totally out of whack, and while I'm a bit young to be going through "the change" I feel like I might be.  My family doctor tested my hormones, and said no -- but I can't shake these out of sync feelings (especially anxiety -- it's high lately).  So the Naturopath gave me this "tincture" that tastes LIKE CRAP, but I swallow it morning and night, and hope that it has an effect.  I've been having hot flashes LIKE CRAZY since I started taking it, I wonder what that is all about.  Will find out today I guess.

So that's what's going on in this corner of Canada on a cold, grey, April day........

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday - feeling out of control

I've been on vacation in Myrtle Beach for the past week, and I totally feel out of control!  I've not counted a point, or taken any steps toward healthy eating in a few days now.....I started to when my vacation began, but not so much right now....I got on the scale this morning, and weighed 196.8.  Then I came down to write this post, and honestly, I didn't even remember what I weighed last time and
The last time I weighed in was 2 weeks ago, and I had gained a bit, I was 197.8.  I know I've said before to so many people, it seems that the weeks you expect to gain, you lose, however I REALLY didn't expect this to happen this time around!  I went into my vacation with all the expectations of staying on track, especially since last year when I went to Myrtle Beach at the same time of year, I totally derailed my diet and fitness lifestyle. Before I left, I had lost 40 lbs and had about 20 to eating began to get out of control, and I didn't regain control, until I gained about 30 of those pounds back!  This November I got back on track, and I DO NOT WANT THIS VACATION TO BE THE END OF MY HEALTHY WAYS!
The fact that I've lost 1.4 lbs really makes me feel like I'm NOT going to spiral, I can DO THIS!!!  And when I really examine my holiday, I DID stay in control somewhat, I made a lot of healthy eating choices, I snacked, but not to the extent that I used to, I HAVE MADE SIGNIFICANT LIFESTYLE CHANGES!  And I'm giddy with excitement at that realization!  I feel like this time around, I'm really going to get this weight off -- I have no time expectations with that, it will happen when it happens, but it WILL HAPPEN!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

You may have noticed an absence here at Limefreckle this past week, that's because we have been on a much needed family vacation in Myrtle Beach, and I just didn't get my act together to write some blog posts before I left.  So I took a week off, hope you didn't miss me TOO much!

We had a wonderful vacation, although the weather SUCKED!  Well, at least it was warmer than it was up here in Canada, but there was no laying by the pool enjoying the sun.  We did go to the beach one day, I sat in a chair bundled up in a blanket, and Limefreckle Jr. ran in the surf! (no lie!)  He can swim in the coldest of water, we were all astonished!  I think it is an autism thing, however there were several brave souls out there, they couldn't all have autism (could they?) Anyway, he loved it, he didn't get sick (before anyone reprimands me for letting him swim in a freezing cold ocean.)

The rest of the vacation was spent catching up with my parents (who winter down there) and visiting with friends we made last year when we went down at the same time.  The couple that live above my parents have 3 kids, one of them has become Jr's best friend, they spent practically ever night sleeping at each other's houses - it was wonderful!  Limefreckle Jr. doesn't live that lifestyle, he doesn't run from house to house with a neighbourhood friend, he doesn't have that luxury that is so common with other children.  He goes to school with only autistic children,  he doesn't even know any of the other children in our neighbourhood (we moved here 2 years ago to be closer to his school, and we really haven't met many neighbours).  It was such a treat for me to see how well he assimilated with all the kids, there was a whole group of them that he "hung" with and they all treated him wonderfully.  His best buddy has a brother on the spectrum, perhaps that is why he has the patience for Jr's. "idiosyncrasies" but it's not as if he just "allowed" Jr. to play with him, he actively enjoyed his company and they played well together -- he probably let Jr. take the lead, but he seemed to be enjoying their time together just as much as Jr. was!  It was wonderful to see, the one and only regret I have about moving him to this private school is that he has lost the ability to socialize with typical children - in a perfect world, he could have stayed in the public system, they would have teachers that know what they are doing....but that didn't exist for us, so trade offs had to be made.  This trip showed me how well he really can "fit in" in the regular world, and it was just what I needed to see!

He also celebrated his 12th birthday down there, we had a party at a local pizza parlour/arcade and he strolled in there like a king (complete with the crown he picked out for himself at Broadway on the Beach.)  He was so proud to pass over to this age, he's so grown up, and WE are so proud of him!