Friday, April 12, 2013

Again Mother nature? Again?

Woke up to even worse weather than yesterday!  It's so blustery and cold, I REALLY just want to stay home today --- which is what I COULD have done yesterday, had I bothered to check my phone for texts - Limefreckle Jr.'s teacher texted me to tell me school was cancelled -- but hey, we went in...once we got there, he was the only one there, working.  Limefreckle Jr. didn't seem phased that we weren't staying, so we headed out, and instead of getting to yoga and the naturopath, I made a quick call to the car salesman I was supposed to meet after school, to see if we could come in a bit earlier to PICK UP OUR NEW CAR!  I've been driving a Mazda CX7 for a few years, and I love it -- However for some reason Mazda chose to discontinue the CX7 -- so our new car is a CX9 -- same colour,  we are so original!  Mr. Limefreckle is a create of habit, he normally continues to drive the same model of car once he finds one he likes -- and I guess I've turned into the same.  Here's hoping that we are as happy with this car as we were with the last.  Limefreckle Jr. loves it, the CX9 has rear row seating, which seemed to be very important to him -- not exactly sure why, perhaps he's bringing along some of his imaginary friends with us on our travels!  When he was younger, he had so many imaginary brothers and sisters I can't keep track!  He'd often name them after cartoon characters that he loved (Melody from The Little Mermaid was one) or real friends that he encountered along the way.  I don't exactly remember when it stopped, but he hasn't talked about his imaginary friends as often (with me at least, he probably does when he's playing with his friends). 

I'm watching Breakfast television to see if the buses are cancelled, and so far I can't tell....I feel like I kid on a snow day, anxiously awaiting news that my school bus will be cancelled....wish me luck!

edited at 8:20AM -- go figure, buses were NOT cancelled today, school is on, but Limefreckle Jr. and I made the executive decision that it is far too YUCKY to set foot outside this early in the morning.  So he's eating toast and playing Skylanders in his underwear, and I'm catching up with my bloggy friends!  Happy Weekend to us!


Kristi Campbell said...

Love that you decided to stay home today instead of braving the nasty weather! I wish I'd have played hooky from work, 'cause this chick is TIRED. So glad I found your blog from your sweet comment on Finding Ninee.