Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Baaaaack!

You may have noticed an absence here at Limefreckle this past week, that's because we have been on a much needed family vacation in Myrtle Beach, and I just didn't get my act together to write some blog posts before I left.  So I took a week off, hope you didn't miss me TOO much!

We had a wonderful vacation, although the weather SUCKED!  Well, at least it was warmer than it was up here in Canada, but there was no laying by the pool enjoying the sun.  We did go to the beach one day, I sat in a chair bundled up in a blanket, and Limefreckle Jr. ran in the surf! (no lie!)  He can swim in the coldest of water, we were all astonished!  I think it is an autism thing, however there were several brave souls out there, they couldn't all have autism (could they?) Anyway, he loved it, he didn't get sick (before anyone reprimands me for letting him swim in a freezing cold ocean.)

The rest of the vacation was spent catching up with my parents (who winter down there) and visiting with friends we made last year when we went down at the same time.  The couple that live above my parents have 3 kids, one of them has become Jr's best friend, they spent practically ever night sleeping at each other's houses - it was wonderful!  Limefreckle Jr. doesn't live that lifestyle, he doesn't run from house to house with a neighbourhood friend, he doesn't have that luxury that is so common with other children.  He goes to school with only autistic children,  he doesn't even know any of the other children in our neighbourhood (we moved here 2 years ago to be closer to his school, and we really haven't met many neighbours).  It was such a treat for me to see how well he assimilated with all the kids, there was a whole group of them that he "hung" with and they all treated him wonderfully.  His best buddy has a brother on the spectrum, perhaps that is why he has the patience for Jr's. "idiosyncrasies" but it's not as if he just "allowed" Jr. to play with him, he actively enjoyed his company and they played well together -- he probably let Jr. take the lead, but he seemed to be enjoying their time together just as much as Jr. was!  It was wonderful to see, the one and only regret I have about moving him to this private school is that he has lost the ability to socialize with typical children - in a perfect world, he could have stayed in the public system, they would have teachers that know what they are doing....but that didn't exist for us, so trade offs had to be made.  This trip showed me how well he really can "fit in" in the regular world, and it was just what I needed to see!

He also celebrated his 12th birthday down there, we had a party at a local pizza parlour/arcade and he strolled in there like a king (complete with the crown he picked out for himself at Broadway on the Beach.)  He was so proud to pass over to this age, he's so grown up, and WE are so proud of him!


Amy Powell said...

Myrtle beach sounds great, but sorry the weather was awful! and love that birthday crown! so awesome.

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Kelly said...

Vacation friends are the best! I'm glad the kiddo had a great time, Happy Belated 12th to him :) Sorry the weather sucked. I always feel like you should be guaranteed sunshine and warm temps at the beach, you know?

stephanie said...

It's great that he 'fit in' with some kids! I love his crown!