Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans - NOT!

This weekend was a complete bust, due to a toothache that pretty much dominated each day.  It started Friday night slightly, and woke me up in the middle of the night raging in full force.  I had to search around for a dentist in my area that was open, one kind soul took pity on me and fit me in right away.  I have an appointment with him on Wednesday to have my tooth pulled!

I'm not that bad about oral hygiene, I floss, I brush, but over the years I've had plenty of problems (compared to my husband who hasn't seen a dentist in I don't know how long and seem to be fine!)  I've had a root canal, gum surgery, and now this -must be my British heritage!!  Anyway, there is nothing more annoying than a toothache....even the Tylenol 3 the dentist prescribed hasn't worked that well, but thankfully ADVIL has!! 

I had a similar problem back in December, my dentist didn't find anything wrong with me, but said there was a crack in my old filling, so he might as well fill it again.  $200 later, still filled with pain I found myself in the doctor's office assuming the problem must be a sinus infection.  Antibiotics took care of the pain, but clearly more was going on, because the dentist I saw this weekend found a cavity so deep that even a root canal wouldn't solve the problem - so extraction it is!  And guess who found herself a new dentist in the process!!  Anyone that will rearrange his schedule for me to help me out is going to get my business in the future (my current doctor doesn't work on the weekends, and has no emergency contact numbers).  I wasn't too pleased with the attitude last time I was in "well, we might as well fill this thing while your here, even though I don't see any problems".  Apparently there was a problem!

So that pretty much dominated the weekend, taking antibiotics every 8 hours, and painkillers every 4 hours....good times!  Mr. Limefreckle was home all day Saturday waiting on me, and although he went to work Sunday, my good friend called to ask if Limefreckle Jr. wanted to come over for a play date, so I had the day to catch up on the sleep I lost on Friday night!  Not really looking forward to the extraction on Wednesday, but I definitely want to get rid of this pain, so I'll do whatever it takes. 

Getting older SUCKS!

On the bright side, I had lots of couch time to visit my favourite blogs, and update my Etsy store.  Check out these colourful coral earrings for spring.  You can view them here.

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Alicia said...

That sucks, I hope your feeling better. I love the earrings, actually I love all of your stuff is very beautiful!

Sarah said...

Bahahaha! Love that quote. Hopped over from the link up and you look ubber talented! Can't wait to look around your blog a bit more. New follower and I hope you'll stop by and follow back! (I can definitely use more momma readers with sons older than mine for advice!)

Jennie said...

Toothaches are the worst!!

Kelly said...

Sorry about the toothache, but I'm glad you got a good dentist out of the deal! I hope you feel better soon :)

P.S. Love the earrings. You amaze me!