Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday - it's caught up with me!

Well, my vacation follies finally caught up with me (who am I trying to kid, I still haven't gotten back on track since I got home, I'm going on 2 1/2 weeks of bad eating!)  Today I weighed in at 199.2, which means I'm up 2.6 lbs.  The funny thing is, I feel like I've lost weight, I could swear yesterday that my pants felt a little loose, and a friend kept raving about how great I I think that helped me feel a tiny bit better.  Perhaps the hot yoga is helping make changes to my body, cause it's sure as heck not the way I've been eating!  I've not been counting WW points at all,  I keep telling myself that I'll get back on track when I go to my next meeting on Friday (I've missed 3 meetings in a row, 2 due to vacation, 1 due to weather).  I'm such an all or nothing person, "I'll start Monday" has always been my my mind, I can't count points today, because it wouldn't be accurate, I need to start when my new week starts.
Time to bust through that kind of thinking -- I'm going to count for the rest of the week, just to prove to myself that I can change my mindset.  Who cares if it's not accurate for the whole week, at least it gets me back on track.
Crazy how our mind plays little tricks on us, trying to mess us up....sometimes I swear I am my own worst enemy!


The Nanny Jenny said...

I always count points even when I think it wont be accurate becuase if you are tracking even if it's just for a day or two it helps you make better decisions when you are writing down what you are eating. It will help you get back on track.

You got this, it will come off again :)

Danielle K said...

I am an all or nothing person too! It can be counterproductive sometimes, but I just hate writing all of the food or points down when I know it's over my limit...and then I just start slacking.

I did hot yoga the other week and thought I was going to DIE!!! Haha :) I need to give it another shot.

laura jones said...

Ahhh the WW points tango. I'm in and I'm out. Twist, turn, dip and drag.... The thing about the relationships with food (and dancing) is that it's always best when you're naturally in balance with it.

So... let's find the balance. Get your favorite menu, easy, quick to the point (sorry I couldn't resist - a bit like that chocolate cake earlier today)

I've been doing the WW tango myself the past month and have fallen off and am having a wee bit of trouble getting back on as well. The plan is to write my menu and points down the day before and then... just follow the plan. So far it's working (oh yeah, except for that chocolate cake.)

Lot's of luck - Laura

Alicia said...

We really are our own worse enemy. It took time to put the weight on and its going to take time to take it off. Hang in there!