Monday, April 15, 2013

Will the birthday celebrations ever end?

On April 3rd, Limefreckle Jr. turned 12.  I didn't post that day, as were were in Myrtle Beach, celebrating.  You would think it was a coronation or something, this kid knows how to stretch out his special day!  Of course upon our return, we had to have a celebration at his school (we combined it with another boy's birthday, which was the day after LJ's)  Then of course we had to have Mr. Limefreckle's family over this weekend, because we hadn't celebrated with them yet.  I think we are finally done.....that's 3 cakes....count the weight watcher's points!!

Plus we still have a truckload of chinese food leftover, because I just didn't feel like cooking for a crowd, and I always order too much!  I noticed this time when I ate it, on Friday night and then again last night my stomach did a few flips afterwards.  I was reminded that I really haven't eaten that kind of stuff in quite awhile, and it actually didn't appeal to me like it used to.  I think I might just garbage the rest of the leftovers in the name of our health!

We had a quiet, restful weekend.  Limefreckle Jr's best buddy came over for a sleepover on Saturday night, while his parents went up to Casino Rama to see "Three Dog Night".....yes, that's how old we all are!  I bet I would have loved it!  Instead I hosted a sleepover, and we had family movie night and watched "Wreck It Ralph".  I'm a sucker for kid's movies, it was as funny the second time around as when I saw it at the theatre!  LJ and his buddy had a great time, the two of them are a hilarious pair, they remind us of a young Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from "Dumb and Dumber". They constantly make us laugh, they have such a fun time in their imaginary worlds they create, and they just "get" each other.  Sometimes they clash, because they are both pretty spirited, strong willed boys, but as they grow older they seem to navigate this friendship better and better.

Sunday was more of the same, which meant nothing, but laying around on the couch and watching "Rock of Ages". It immediately made me want to go onto itunes and download the originals of the soundtrack.  Not to say that the singing wasn't great, who knew Tom Cruise had pipes like that?  But this is my music, I grew up on this stuff, I need the originals. 

So that was our weekend, a whole lot of nothing much, just family time.  Mr. Limefreckle looked at the digital thermometer we have sitting on the window sill in the kitchen, and proclaimed it was 20 degrees out (Celsius) so we all got excited and went out for a family walk.  As soon as we stepped out the door, we had to turn around to get warmer coats, and I figured out this morning he must have been reading the "inside" temperature....but no matter, the sun was out! We haven't seen that sucker since we drove home from Myrtle Beach (yes, the 16 hour drive home were the warmest 2 days of the trip).  It was a welcome site, and so far today is shaping up to be more of the same!