Friday, May 3, 2013

Going Wheat Free....can I do it?

A couple of weeks ago a close friend and I started a 10 week course at a local health food store. The course is called LifeWatchers, and it's all about healthy eating. We both thought it would be a good thing for us to do, it fit right into our schedule, just before we pick up the kids on Wednesdays. The first week the instructor, a holistic nutritionist,  urged us all to go wheat free for the duration of the course.  She referred us to the book "The Wheat Belly diet" which, I just happen to have, cause I love to buy diet books....My friend and I looked at each other as if to say "ya, THAT'S gonna happen". We then preceded to go to Niagara Falls overnight and eat Nachos, and drink too much wine and margaritas.  We can't be trusted to follow any sort of healthy eating plan when wine is present!  I felt horrible after the weekend of course and Wednesday I think I hit a complete low, I came home after the day and was in bed by 7, I was so lethargic, achy and exhausted.   Something has to change.

Yesterday I went to my naturopath, who I have started seeing recently, due to a lot of weird, hormonal symptoms (let's just say I feel like menopause must be approaching.  Hot flashes are NOT for the faint of heart!)  I'm only 48, a bit young, but not unheard of.  We did a saliva hormone test, and she had just received the results.

Turns out that I'm probably periomenopausal.  My progesterone and cortisol levels were way too high, and that's probably what is causing these symptoms.  Guess what the solution is?  LOSE WEIGHT!  Well, haven't I been trying that all these months????  One thing that made me feel almost a sense of RELIEF, was hearing that these elevated hormones are causing my carb cravings --- and the excess belly fat that I have (I have fairly normal size arms and legs, all my excess weight is in the middle).  She gave me some hormonal supports, and urged me to give the Paleo diet a try. This is what I previously thought of the Paleo diet...

But then I started to think about how I've been feeling lately.  Beat down, exhausted, by 3 or 4 pm I'm craving carbs so badly that any good sense I woke up with is out the window....I'm like an addict looking for a sugar fix and most days the sugar wins.  I think I need to get this sugar addiction out of me COLD TURKEY.  I've tried counting points, eating low cal foods, blah, blah, blah. and it's not working.  I think it's time I give this wheat free thing a try. What better time to do that when I've just started this course? 

One thing I am NOT liking about the Paleo diet is the lack of legumes.  I really LOVE black beans, I eat them often, and I'm not sure that I'm going to go STRICT Paleo or maybe incorporate some beans into my diet.  I'll have to email my naturopath and see what she thinks about that.  Do you have any good resources or recipe ideas for going Paleo?  Have you tried the Paleo diet?  Is it sustainable long term?  Any and all suggestions appreciated!

Pinterest is my next stop!  When in doubt, I'm sure I can find some good recipe ideas there!

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Kelly said...

I have absolutely nothing helpful to add, because although we are a crazy allergy family, wheat is the one thing my kids *can* eat! ;-) But I second your choice to check Pinterest. You are sure to find something there! Good luck - I can't wait to hear how it goes!