Monday, May 13, 2013

I think I over did it!

I've been eating really well for the past week, trying to stay Wheat Free and have been doing a pretty good job of it, but this weekend was a challenge.  I held out pretty well - out for dinner with a friend on Friday night, had 1 glass of wine, and steak and mashed potatoes/veggies for dinner....not too bad.  Saturday was a birthday party for a friend of Limefreckle Jr.  The only option for food was pizza or french fries....I had ONE piece of pizza and some carrot sticks.  I said no to the cake.  I consider that a HUGE victory!

Saturday night, again out for dinner with friends (what the hell?  When did I become such a social butterfly).  This is where things started to go awry.  I had a glass of wine with dinner, and 2 beer (our friends own a FANTASTIC brewery, Nickelbrook, in Burlington Ontario. If you live in the area, check your local LCBO, they have a green apple beer that is FANTASTIC, my favourite in the summer. They are in other parts of Canada too....I'm looking forward to checking out their gluten free beer.  Anyway, I'm sorry, you don't go out for dinner with the owner of a brewery and not drink their beer...that's just plain RUDE!!   Dinner was Cajun blackened catfish (yum!) and more mashed potatoes, but again, no dessert, so aside from the alcohol, I did pretty well.

It all started to fall off the rails yesterday, on Mother's day.  I had a nutritious breakfast, lately my favourite, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs (using almond milk) and cooked in coconut oil,  Sliced up an avocado, healthy.

and yes, I had some orange juice.  I try not to drink my fruit, but it was mother's day.  That was my excuse later in the day too, when I pretty much gorged on cheese.  I made my favourite appetizer, Crab Dip, and I spent the evening parked in front of it, eating away.  GLUTTON!!!  Between that and the baked brie, and the prime rib (done on the BBQ, my brother in law is a FANTASTIC cook!) and potatoes that followed, I was powerless to refuse the apple pie at the end of the night!  It really didn't take long to slink back into old habits.....

I'm paying the price today.  I feel horrible, just had a spinach and fruit smoothie, hoping that helps to perk me up.  I'm going to park my self in front of the couch and watch "Breaking Bad" until it's time to pick up the boy from school.  Lazy, I know......

I'm looking on the bright side of it all, clearly my eating has cleaned up a lot, these kind of weekends were the norm in the past, and wouldn't have made me feel anything in particular.  I feel like now, although this new eating style has caused any weight loss just yet, I'm clearly being good to my body, and even starting to crave the good, and not the bad so much anymore.  I'll call that a small victory for now.

I'll finish off with a selfie that I took of my son and me.  I love this kid so proud to be his Mama!

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Alicia said...

Happy Mothers Day!! I love the picture of you and Jr. I did horrible too this weekend. It's time to get back on track though! I love a new Brewery, too bad we live so far away.