Monday, May 27, 2013

Is this thing on?

I've been in a bit of a bloggy funk lately, haven't had a whole lot to say, so I figure, why post, just to post. I was tyring to post everyday, but that can be hard. I'll have to get into a habit of posting in the evening...maybe that will work better. Some mornings I just sit in front of the computer, and.....crickets....I can think of nothing stimulating or interesting to tell you all --- and I'm not the best picture taker....posts without pictures can be boring.... So we had a lovely weekend here in Canada, not super warm, but nice enough to go out in a t-shirt. On Saturday Limefreckle Jr. and I went over to our friend's house....his best friend's mom is one of my closest friends (we met at their school) and she was celebrating her birthday, so we went over for dinner. It was more of a girl's night, so Mr. Limefreckle stayed home (girls night of course, minus Limefreckle Jr. and his buddy, who pretty much spent the whole night filming their dinosaurs....that is their latest gig, they like to set up all their toys and make movies....isn't that how George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg started out?) Sunday was a busy day around the house, we got all of our pots planted in the back patio and the front, now let's hope we don't get any more frost warnings, and they will start to grow. I'll post a picture of my patio later it was in no shape for it's Internet reveal just yet, but it's a lovely covered porch, we spend a lot of time out there every summer. Here's hoping this summer is no exception. Had some stumbling blocks this weekend with the diet, not gonna lie. Birthday parties and clean eating just don't seem to go hand in hand....and I don't know why, but last night we decided to go for a Sunday drive, and we found ourselves in the Dairy Queen drive through...couldn't resist a cone.....

Oh, and this arrived...


It's a $100 gift certificate to Lululemon!  Can't wait to use it!  I won it on a blog giveaway recently --- I rarely enter any, so often they don't include Canada.....yippee!  Isn't the little pocket it came in cute?
I'll leave you with my favourite sign of spring - Lilacs.  These beauties are courtesy of the guy next door that never trims his tree.  A whole secondary tree is growing through our fence.....tons of buds this year!  Actually, the smell of these were SO overpowering my eyes started to water....had to move them into another room.  But these are definitely my favourite springtime flower. (and yes, I'm aware that there is a platter filled with wintry pinecones and such right beside the lilacs....should pack those away till next winter and find something a little more summery for the table....perhaps a trip to Homesense will be in order today!)
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J and A said...

Nice win on the lululemon!! Glad you can treat yourself!! Love their stuff.

Loveandcrayons said...

Wow, $100 at Lululemon!!! Good job, great prize!!
I've been in a blog funk too, and feel the same, if I have nothing to say then why post? Maybe I'll get something up today!
I'd love to see photos of your patio!! I love covered porches! Such a great place to spend summer evenings!