Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pass the fibre please

So did I happen to mention that I've been consulting a naturopath lately, trying to figure out why I'm having the most annoying hot flashes.  Long story short, I'm probably periomenopause (isn't everyone in their 40's?)  My cortisol levels are high (uh, hello, I have a child with autism...I assume that goes without saying) and progesterone is high (not quite sure what that means).  Well did you know that one of the ways to help control this is....LOSE WEIGHT!  Apparently these little hormones like to feed on your fat cells to keep themselves going...who knew?

So she gave me a couple of things to take, that I think are helping, and she also suggested PGX.  Have you heard of it?  I bought it years ago when it first came out, in pill form, took it a couple of times, forgot about it, then eventually threw out the rest.  Because apparently for this kind of stuff to work you have to take it regularly.

My naturopath suggested the granules instead of the pills.  I bought them, thinking they were going to be like Crystal lite, and flavour my water....WRONG!!  They are little granules that are tasteless, they can be added to water, juice or food.  I tried them in water first, but I didn't like the look of all that stuff floating around in the bottle of water....so I moved on to juice.  But beware, drink it fast, this weekend I was a bit slow and it turned to a gelatinous mess!  I've finally started to add it to yogurt, and although it does give it a bit of a grainy texture, I find that fine, hardly noticeable, and it seems to be the best way for me to ingest it.

She suggested I use it three times a day.  I started with once a day, and couldn't BELIEVE how it filled me up! Beware, it does play with your bowels in the beginning, it is fibre after all, but it's nothing too uncomfortable.  My absolute worst time of day for eating is around 3PM, I find taking it at lunch has helped so far with cravings at that point of the day.

So there is my weight loss tip for the week.....an easy way to get some more fibre, and fill yourself up!
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Danielle K said...

Where did you get these? I'm normally not one to jump on supplements, but hearing that a naturopath recommended them makes me want to try :)