Friday, May 31, 2013

Trying new things....

Limefreckle Jr. has a big problem with trying new things... not really fun and exciting things, I mean more things in the food department.  He has a VERY limited diet......I can list the things he will eat on both hands.....and fruits and veggies don't appear (unless you count apple juice as a fruit...which I do....loosely.)

We've struggled with these issues for many, MANY years, pretty much from the day we tried to introduce solids....that's when it all began.  This is a very common problem with children on the Autism spectrum, and it's probably one of the biggest challenges we have.  It's hard......not gonna lie.

Recently we were told about a place near us that has a feeding specialist.  Mr. Limefreckle discovered this place, I was very hesitant, I've not had good luck in finding help for this issue in the past (I remember one doctor we used to took us 2 hours round trip to get to the hospital that he worked at, the last visit we went to he suggested I try substituting sweet potato fries in the McDonald's package.....ya, like THAT is not going to be noticed......thanks for the wonderful you reimburse for gas????)

So, when Mr. Limefreckle decided we were going to give this new place a try, I was apprehensive.  I've grown tired over the years of meeting "professionals" that charge a small fortune and basically have NO CLUE what they are doing.  Been down that road several times, for various issues over the years, and I'm jaded.  We once got kicked out of Behaviour therapy because of his bad behaviour....I still find that kind of ironic and hilarious!!

But this place was different.  We spent 1 1/2 hours with an occupational therapist, that put things in terms that Limefreckle Jr. could understand, about how his mouth works, why food tastes "weird" to him.  She explained he would be doing physiotherapy for his mouth.  She talked about trying new foods, and how it would be a process, stepping stones, etc.  He's not interested so much on the trying new foods part, but she didn't dwell on that, and I think that will come with time.

He was hesitant at first, yesterday morning, in anticipation of our next visit he was in tears, not wanting to go, not liking the idea that it was going to be a weekly thing, etc., etc.  But his teacher had a talk with him today, she showed him some exercises a fellow student had learned when HE was at the OT, and when I picked him up from school, he was OK with everything, and ready to give it a try.  When we reached the centre, he ran into a former classmate, who goes to the same place for speech therapy, and I think that was an added little bonus, because he realized his peers go to this place too.  He got to spend his first session in the gym, so there were lots of opportunities for play and breaks between the "therapy".  His OT was calm, relaxed, and took cues from him.  It was AMAZING!

I have real hope that this is going to be something that will work for Jr.  I'm so thankful to find a place that has the kind of philosophy that I do......that therapy needs to be child led in order for it to be effective.  We won't get anywhere with a "you must do this" kind of attitude.....withholding food, etc. will not work for Limefreckle Jr. it will only cause stress and meltdowns, and that doesn't help ANY OF US!  It's wonderful when you find a place that you just know is going to work for your family.

I'm so optimistic about this eating thing, I have never felt this way in all these years...there is hope that this huge, seemingly hopeless issue, may be resolved.  I know it will take time, and I'm up for the task. I'm not expecting miracles, just hoping that this will help him to be more accepting of a few new things, and maybe, just maybe, some broccoli or carrots may pass his lips one day!  Here's hoping!

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lucas kyrstyn said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! So much more encouraging that they're looking to him to lead rather than trying to take him along with them, so hopefully this will actually work!
Found you through LoveThatMax, looking forward to reading more of your posts!
Take care

Danielle K said...

I hope this continues to go well! Fingers crossed :)

Kelly said...

This sounds so encouraging! I hope it goes well for you all, and that, maybe just maybe Limefreckle Jr will be a veggie king someday :)