Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday -- I'm struggling

Today is Weigh in Wednesday with Erin and Alex

This morning I weighed in at 200 lbs!!! I GAINED ANOTHER FREAKIN' POUND!
I'm really struggling with this wheat free diet.  I think I've been eating way too much avocado's, nuts, oils, things that are good for you, but have calories that I'm not keeping track of.  Otherwise why would I be gaining weight?  I've decided that as well as trying to follow the wheat free eating, I'm going to go back to tracking my weight watcher points as well.  This should help ensure that I'm not going too crazy on the fats....even the good ones.  The instructor at the course I'm taking said that she considers fats to be "free".  They are thermogenic she said.  You won't gain weight she said.  Well tell that to my scale....

I'm in a grumpy mood this morning.  I've tried so hard to get under 200 lbs, and there is that number again, staring up from the scales...taunting me!!!  I think it's time to get myself to a weight watchers meeting, I think I might even go today.....I need to regroup.....


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Vicki F said...

I agree with going back to weight watchers if that's what works. I have recently started counting points again and it has helped get my weight moving down again. You have to stick with what's best for you and take what everyone else says with a pinch of salt. Good luck on finding the balance x x

*Popped over from weigh in wednesday

Esther Davison said...

Regrouping is good. If you keep at it, I'm confident you will see results. Sometimes it takes a long time to find a healthy balance. I've also learned that things don't always work and you plateau. Yuck, I hate plateaus! You'll get it! Esther Norine Designs

Loveandcrayons said...

You'll get back under 200, I know it!! And if we helps you do it, then go back!! The motivation may help you too!! I know for me, the scale hasn't moved since October after I had my son (I'm still nursing, so the dr thinks that is why) but seeing the same number over and over defeats me. So I give in to my cravings, figuring why the hell not. I'm not losing anyway! Ugh, it's so very hard!!
And good luck on the wheat free diet! I'm not sure I could do that!!

Frances Kendrick said...

ohh, I hate when that happens!! I think it will be great if start WW's classes. I always do better when I have a support group!

Hang in there!! You can do it!

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