Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada!

I had a WONDERFUL holiday here in Canada this weekend. On Friday my girlfriend and I headed downtown Toronto to go to the Hay House "I can Do it!" Summit for 2013


My brother heard from My Mom that I was headed to a conference and his response was "what, they have conferences for stay at home Moms?"  Yes, yes they do, and they are aptly named I CAN DO IT!!!  We had a good laugh over that one.

In case you have never heard of these conferences, it's put on by Hay House, the publishing house behind so many inspirational and motivational speakers.  I saw some fabulous presentations starting with Wayne Dyer (he's SUCH a great speaker), and ending with Bruce Lipton, someone I hadn't heard about before, and who I'm so intrigued to learn more about.  I'm definitely going to get his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect.  It talks about our conscious thinking and subconscious programming, and basically how to live in that "honeymoon state"that we all feel when we fall in love.  He was a fantastic speaker, and put very complex ideas into such simple "why didn't I think of that" terms.  Very motivational!  Another speaker I really enjoyed and had never heard about before was Kris Carr, a woman that was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and took charge of her life, her eating, her health.  10 years later she's still  going strong, and gives a fantastic talk, filled with humour and honesty.  I learned a bit more about tapping, something I'm very intrigued with and am trying out, Cheryl Richardson talked about living an authentic life, there was just SO MUCH!  It went till 9:30 PM on Saturday night, and 6PM on Sunday, two full days of speakers back to back.  I'm exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time!

We had such a good time, it was a little getaway for the both of us, we stayed downtown at The King Edward Hotel (A Toronto institution) which wasn't too far a walk from the venue, Roy Thompson hall.  It was  a perfect venue, one of those places where every seat in the house was good!  Not so good that any of my iphone pictures turned out very clear....but good enough for the presentation.

Doreen Virtue

Dr. Wayne Dyer


I have so many ideas running around in my head after this weekend I'm sure it will take awhile to process them all. I'm heading up to Northern Ontario tomorrow with Limefreckle Jr. for 10 days of playing and relaxing at the beach....I think that should give me ample time to process all that I've heard. Plus I have an ipod filled with more Hay House interviews and books for the long drive (I LOVE to listen to motivational works when I'm on the road...especially a trip this long - 8 hours) May or may not post while I'm on vacay, I'll see where the mood takes me!! Oh, and I couldn't forget a very special birthday to Canada today!!!!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's been 6 minutes of summer vacation....

Yesterday was the last day of school for Limefreckle Jr. We got out a couple of days earlier than the other schools, and I don't mind that at all...We picked up the kiddos at 1 PM, they were outside flying the kites they had made that day....  Then off to McDonald's for a celebratory lunch, then to his friends house (he goes to a different school for kids with autism) for a pool party.  I got to meet some really great moms from that's so nice to connect with moms that REALLY know what life with a kid on the spectrum is like....

In the car on the way to McDonald's, he announced "It's been 6 minutes of summer vacation...." yes it has son, and there are plenty of minutes where those came from!!

I finally have time to sit down and give this blog the attention it deserves....except of course for the next 2 weeks, when I will be vacationing in Northern Ontario.  My parents happen to live on a little slice of sunshine right on Lake Superior.  My son calls their place "our cottage" and has been talking about nothing else but when we are going to visit Grandma and Grandpa for the past month.  I'm praying for good weather so I can lay on the beach and in the hammock and on the couch in the sunroom.....lots of laying around in my future I see!  Oh, and maybe some kayaking.....

As you know, Google reader is shutting down very soon, so today I'm concentrating on flipping everything over to Bloglovin'...... Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When I am going to have time to shop?

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a little bit of a shopaholic?  No?  Well.....I am.  And it occurred to me this morning that I'm about to face 2 full months of full on Mommy time.....doesn't leave a lot of time to indulge in my favourite pass time!  Ah, I remember fondly the early days with Limefreckle Jr. and me....we would head out to a mall, stroller filled with snacks, bottles, and everything we needed to keep a baby happy.  He was a fantastic little companion, barely ever complained.....until he got to be about 2....then our blissful afternoons strolling through the mall came to an abrupt end....oh, he didn't mind going to the mall, as long as we spent ample time (and money) in the Disney can never have too many stuffed animals you know (funny thing, even at 12 years old, those stuffed animals are still a big draw!)

So I spent most of this morning running around doing all the errands that I've put off until the 2nd day before school ends.  Of course I got home and immediately put 2 items that I forgot to pick up on my "to buy" list.....I do that every time I go get groceries as soon as I get home, I start my new list, with whatever item I forgot to pick's pathetic!

I also went had had my hair freshened up......I'm not even 50 yet, however the grey hair started for me in my 20's (I blame my faulty thyroid) so every 4 weeks it's a visit to the salon for me.  My stylist, Alex, is fantastic.....I can NEVER get my hair as straight and sleek as she matter how hard I try...

I'm the worst selfie taker......there is not a spot in this house that takes a good iphone pic!! Too dark....
  Now in this freakin' heatwave we have here in Southern Ontario I have to try to stay out of the pool so that I can maintain this look as long as possible (last salon visit, I lasted 1 full week before I had to shampoo...she is sooooo good!)

So we have one more day of school tomorrow (well, 1/2 day, we pick up at 1) and then we are off for the summer. On the one hand I'm really looking forward to sleeping in, going up North to visit my parents (we head up on July 1st for a couple of weeks), and basically not having to stick to any type of schedule. On the other hand, I really like having my days free, because a stay at home mom has a lot of things to do, and it's so much easier when not accompanied by a tween asking you if we are done yet.....
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Monday, June 24, 2013

I can almost taste summer!

Is it June 25th already?  I can't believe the past month, life has been CRAZY busy, and it shows on my blog, I've barely been here lately.  There just seems to be so much going on lately, lots of end of year activities at Limefreckle Jr's school that I've been involved in, appointments etc. to catch up on before we are out for the summer, blah, blah, blah.  Every year I use a scrapbooking program to create a yearbook for the kiddo's at Jr's school, so that keeps me very busy for May and June, because, even though every year in September I say that I'm going to start the yearbook early, I never do, and it's always a mad crunch to get it finished by the end of the year.  Luckily my husband is in the printing business, so I pressure him to get it printed and delivered for the kids to have on their last day of school.  This year it is this Wednesday, and I'm hoping he pulls it off again.

The yearbook is always so much fun to do, Limefreckle Jr. is always looking over my shoulder, making sure I create it to his specifications.  The teachers take TONS of pictures throughout the school year, I'm lucky I get to see them all!  There are so many activities at this school, we certainly get our money's worth!

We also have a big celebration at the end of the year, our "Graduation".  This year no kids actually moved on to highschool, but one child is moving on to a different school.  Her mom is one of my best friends at the school, I'm going to miss her so much!  She did a great job of planning the grad, it was a "Grease" theme, her daughter is in love with that movie. She had a life size photo of her daughter dressed as Sandy, and posters of all the other students (all boys) dressed as the Thunderbirds.  Here was my son...


The Grad was fabulous, as usual.  The teachers put a lot of thought into the whole thing, there is a slide show presentation that the kids get to keep, Jr. watches all of them frequently, they are always a big hit.  He gave a speech this year, as he is the student council president.  He spoke recently at the Christmas concert, he gets better and more comfortable on stage every time he's up there. He told a couple of jokes and even ad libbed a bit!

Each child is given a Graduation certificate, promoting them to the next grade....

After the ceremony we had a BBQ and a band.  All the kids were so involved with the band, playing instruments along with them.  At one point, I was out in the hall setting up the buffet, when I heard the band warming up.  One of the other parents came to me and mentioned how great my son was on the drums.  It was him playing the drums, I thought it was the band!  He has a set of drums that he plays around with, I hadn't even realized how good he sounds on them!  Perhaps lessons will be in order one day.....

Later in the evening he took to the bongo drums, and played alongside the band.  He was very good at it, quite impressive, he just seems to have a natural rhythm, it sounded almost like he was part of the band, not competing with them at all.  He was up there all night, I think ALL the kids really enjoyed themselves.

A tribute to the Lumineers....

It was a fantastic night, as usual, and I was reminded once again how incredibly lucky we are to have found such a great school that has helped our son to thrive!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I want to rock and roll all night....

So Saturday night there was a concert at Limefreckle Jr's school, to raise funds for a documentary about children with autism. There was a Kiss Tribute band there. I used to be a Kiss fan back in the day, but truthfully I leaned more towards AC/DC and Van Halen, I really only know a few of Kiss' songs. Jr. kept telling me that "Lick it Up" was a Kiss tune, and I kept telling him it wasn't, till they played it, then I reminded myself that Limefreckle Jr. is the smartest kid I know, and I should have listened to him. I really wasn't sure what to expect from the evening. I didn't know if the kids would be able to handle the loud music (some had a hard time, but they did so well!) OK, let's be honest, I wasn't sure I could handle the loud music! My concert days are well behind friend and I were trying to remember the last band we saw perform....although I've seen a few in bars the last couple of years, I think the last concert I ever went to was possibly U2, in '94 or '95. It's just not my scene. Limefreckle Jr. however, surprised me! He was really into it, he sat watching the concert most of the night, got up and danced with his classmates, busting a move that I have NEVER seen before! He and I danced to "Beth" and he twirled me around the dance floor like a pro! I think the whole experience for him was a lot of fun, and I'm glad he enjoyed it.   His teacher asked him if he was tired, and he told her "no, teenagers are never too tired to rock and roll!" It's fun to watch him as he gets older, develop his own musical tastes, his own sense of what he likes.  I'm so glad he enjoyed himself, and whenever I see him interacting with all his friends from school I'm forever grateful that we found such a wonderful community for him to thrive in!
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Friday, June 14, 2013

A three hour tour....

I was cruising around the TV the other day, and landed on a rerun of Gilligan's Island.  I haven't watched an episode of this show in YEARS!  It's amazing how a show can bring back memories....the 70's were my favourite decade, and this show reminds me of then so much!  Just like Yogi Bear conjures up the smell and taste of a peanut butter sandwich for me (the show always aired at lunch time) Gilligan brings back a carefree time, when I would come home from school and settle down in front of the TV for a few laughs.  Hmmm...not much has changed, I still plop myself on the couch after I've picked up Limefreckle Jr. from school, now it's usually PVR'd versions of the Real Housewives.....but otherwise, same routine.  The episode I saw was the one where the Japanese soldier came to the island thinking it was still world war 2.  He locked up 1/2 the cast, and the skipper and Gilligan tried to rescue them.

Watching this show, got me thinking of all sorts of questions that never occurred to me as a kid:

- if the Howell's were so rich, why didn't they have their own yacht?  When was the last time you saw a Billionaire at any type of tourist attraction? 

-  why was Ginger always so dressed up?  And come to think of it, why did she have so much luggage (all of them for that matter) for an afternoon on a boat?

- who did the professor like better, Ginger or MaryAnne?

- where did they get the flour to bake all those coconut cream pies MaryAnne would make?

- how did this Japanese soldier build jail cells to hold everyone, and where did he get the chains and locks?  The jail cells were made of bamboo....some spots looked so wide, the cast could have just squeezed out of them.....none of this even occurred to me as a kid!

I guess I'll never know the answer to these questions.  Do you think this show will still be airing when Limefreckle Jr. has children?   I wonder what shows that are popular today will stand the test of time, and still be viewed 30 years from now (I'm betting on Seinfeld for sure!)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What day will your birthday be this year?

What day of the week will your birthday fall on this year? Would you like to know? All you need to do is ask Limefreckle Jr. That's right, I'm raising a genius! On the weekend the subject of his Dad's birthday came up (it is in September) and he told us what day of the week that was going to be. Mr. Limefreckle pulled out the calendar and confirmed he was right. I thought that maybe Jr. just remembered, he has a REMARKABLE memory, I've seriously wondered if perhaps he has a photographic memory. He's been very interested in birth dates for the past couple of years, he remembers everyone's birthday, and often asks people that he meets when their birthday is, and what year they were born. He can tell us immediately how old a person is when given that information, he can figure it out pretty much instantaneously, while the rest of us sit around counting out the years on our fingers to figure out if he is right (he always is). After he told us Mr. Limefreckle's birthday for this year, we started throwing out other family members birthdays, and again, he gave us the date they would fall on this year (or next, if the birthday had already passed) and he was right ...every.single.time. My first thought was this guy...

I have to say, Rainman is probably ever mother's nightmare when it comes to telling the world your child has autism....because this is what everyone automatically thinks.  And by the way, the character that Rainman was based on didn't even HAVE AUTISM!!

Anyway, I was completely impressed with my son......I told him that I thought that he had a real gift, and maybe one day he could make some money with this gift.  (I'm thinking of Bill Gates...Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Apple,  perhaps he has some hidden mathematical talent that none of us know about).

Limefreckle Jr. said "I got it!  I know what I can do......"I'll get a booth!!!"

Thanks for keeping it real Jr. and keeping Mama's feet firmly planted on the ground!  Perhaps you won't be inventing the next thing in computers.....but you're still a genius in my eyes!!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

laughing in church....

You know when you are in church, and something funny happens, maybe something that you might give a small chuckle to in real life, but for some reason when it happens in church, or any other place where you are supposed to be quiet, it turns out to be the funniest thing you've ever seen in your life? And then you and your Mom just can't stop laughing about it, till your Dad turns and gives the both of you the evil eye? (ya, that kind of funny). Well that's the kind of laugh I had when I saw this ecard --- I still laugh at it every time I read it.....maybe it's just me...

I dont' know why, but I just can't stop laughing!

Nothing new at Limefreckle Manor to report.  Had a lovely visit at the dentist yesterday, a follow up to this visit when I had my tooth pulled.  At least I thought I was going for a follow up visit....and a cleaning....I booked 2 hours at the place!!  Turns out I had a "new patient exam" which is basically a ton of xrays, then a bunch of pictures of my teeth, cause I guess the xrays didn't tell them enough. Then a thorough exam to determine if there are an recessions etc. (OK, fair enough), then a visit from the dentist, (not the one I thought I had booked the appointment with, another one) who, as far as I could tell, did the same thing that the hygienist had just done.  Then a little chat about oral care, and a suggestion that I come back for another hour long visit for a "discussion about oral care" (like I have time for that!!! Are we going to pull out the big teeth and toothbrush and teach me how to brush again?)  Sorry, can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Then she started to "upsell"......"did you know you can come every 3 months for a cleaning, your insurance covers it?" Why on EARTH would I want to be at the dentist every 3 months?  As it is I've regularly visited twice a year, my whole life, and every time they call it seems like I have just been there! 

THEN, the part that REALLY pissed me off.....she only had time for 1/2 my cleaning!  I have to go back to finish it!!!!!!    2 hours of my time, and I walked out of there with only 1/2 of the job done!

I'm so annoyed....but the thing is, I have just switched to this dentist, cause I really liked him (and like I said, the appointment turned out NOT to be with him).  Now I don't know what to do.  Do I give them another chance?  The first appointment date I was available to go back was in July....when the receptionist asked me to come back tomorrow, I wanted to scream at her "NO... I booked TODAY for my appointment!!!"

I will go back in July, and have a heart to heart with the dentist and let him know that if I'm only going to get 1/2  a cleaning out of my visits, I need to find somewhere else to go.......It irks me that they spent so much time on "snapshots" of my teeth (let's face it, those are there so that later, when the sticker shock of this visit wears off, they can pull them out and show me all the silver fillings that need to be replaced....)  The hygienist actually said to me "you have the coverage, why not use it?"  I don't always live life that way....just cause my health plan covers something doesn't mean it has to be done....

OK, thanks, I've vented....I'll give them one more chance, and just make sure from now on that I'm seeing the dentist that I want to see.....

Have a great Tuesday!
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Monday, June 3, 2013

impromptu afternoons are the best!

This was a fantastic weekend! On Friday, Limefreckle Jr.'s teacher was babysitting a fellow student after school, so she invited Limefreckle Jr along for a playdate (the teachers at his school go above and beyond "teaching" - they are like family!) So I ended up with a free afternoon on Friday with no where to be until 7PM or so when he got home. I headed off to a local mall, because, well, shopping in my free time is what I do best. As soon as I opened the doors to the mall, my cell rang, and it was Mr. Limefreckle. He was having car trouble, and wondered if I was home, and could swing by the garage to pick him up. When I told him I didn't need to pick up the boy from school, he suggested we head over to Niagara country and have lunch at a vineyard. We ended up in a little town nearby called Jordan, and had lunch at a wonderful little restaurant.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, we NEVER do things like that in the middle of the week, it was spontaneous, fun, and JUST what we needed.  We had a nice lunch, checked out a couple of wineries, bought a few bottles of wine, and made it back in time to watch "The Campaign" before the boy was ready to be picked up.
The rest of the weekend was quiet.  Mr. Limefreckle is taking Rufus for training lessons, we are so sick of him barking like a maniac every time a dog walks by our house, so we are working on that. 
Limefreckle Jr. and I went to see "Epic" on Sunday, and it was cute.  Do you know when you are watching a kids movie, and you recognize the voice but don't know for sure?  Well Stephen Tyler was one of them, he has a small singing part and that clinched it........and that cute guy from "The Bridesmaids" that played the cop and had the Irish accent (I think he was Irish) but I have no idea what his name is...I'm pretty sure he was in it too.
edited -- just checked IMBD...he is indeed Irish, and I was right, he was in the movie.....I love his accent!
All in all it was a lovely weekend!!!

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