Friday, June 14, 2013

A three hour tour....

I was cruising around the TV the other day, and landed on a rerun of Gilligan's Island.  I haven't watched an episode of this show in YEARS!  It's amazing how a show can bring back memories....the 70's were my favourite decade, and this show reminds me of then so much!  Just like Yogi Bear conjures up the smell and taste of a peanut butter sandwich for me (the show always aired at lunch time) Gilligan brings back a carefree time, when I would come home from school and settle down in front of the TV for a few laughs.  Hmmm...not much has changed, I still plop myself on the couch after I've picked up Limefreckle Jr. from school, now it's usually PVR'd versions of the Real Housewives.....but otherwise, same routine.  The episode I saw was the one where the Japanese soldier came to the island thinking it was still world war 2.  He locked up 1/2 the cast, and the skipper and Gilligan tried to rescue them.

Watching this show, got me thinking of all sorts of questions that never occurred to me as a kid:

- if the Howell's were so rich, why didn't they have their own yacht?  When was the last time you saw a Billionaire at any type of tourist attraction? 

-  why was Ginger always so dressed up?  And come to think of it, why did she have so much luggage (all of them for that matter) for an afternoon on a boat?

- who did the professor like better, Ginger or MaryAnne?

- where did they get the flour to bake all those coconut cream pies MaryAnne would make?

- how did this Japanese soldier build jail cells to hold everyone, and where did he get the chains and locks?  The jail cells were made of bamboo....some spots looked so wide, the cast could have just squeezed out of them.....none of this even occurred to me as a kid!

I guess I'll never know the answer to these questions.  Do you think this show will still be airing when Limefreckle Jr. has children?   I wonder what shows that are popular today will stand the test of time, and still be viewed 30 years from now (I'm betting on Seinfeld for sure!)

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