Monday, June 3, 2013

impromptu afternoons are the best!

This was a fantastic weekend! On Friday, Limefreckle Jr.'s teacher was babysitting a fellow student after school, so she invited Limefreckle Jr along for a playdate (the teachers at his school go above and beyond "teaching" - they are like family!) So I ended up with a free afternoon on Friday with no where to be until 7PM or so when he got home. I headed off to a local mall, because, well, shopping in my free time is what I do best. As soon as I opened the doors to the mall, my cell rang, and it was Mr. Limefreckle. He was having car trouble, and wondered if I was home, and could swing by the garage to pick him up. When I told him I didn't need to pick up the boy from school, he suggested we head over to Niagara country and have lunch at a vineyard. We ended up in a little town nearby called Jordan, and had lunch at a wonderful little restaurant.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, we NEVER do things like that in the middle of the week, it was spontaneous, fun, and JUST what we needed.  We had a nice lunch, checked out a couple of wineries, bought a few bottles of wine, and made it back in time to watch "The Campaign" before the boy was ready to be picked up.
The rest of the weekend was quiet.  Mr. Limefreckle is taking Rufus for training lessons, we are so sick of him barking like a maniac every time a dog walks by our house, so we are working on that. 
Limefreckle Jr. and I went to see "Epic" on Sunday, and it was cute.  Do you know when you are watching a kids movie, and you recognize the voice but don't know for sure?  Well Stephen Tyler was one of them, he has a small singing part and that clinched it........and that cute guy from "The Bridesmaids" that played the cop and had the Irish accent (I think he was Irish) but I have no idea what his name is...I'm pretty sure he was in it too.
edited -- just checked IMBD...he is indeed Irish, and I was right, he was in the movie.....I love his accent!
All in all it was a lovely weekend!!!

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Loveandcrayons said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I love those free spur of the moment days!