Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What day will your birthday be this year?

What day of the week will your birthday fall on this year? Would you like to know? All you need to do is ask Limefreckle Jr. That's right, I'm raising a genius! On the weekend the subject of his Dad's birthday came up (it is in September) and he told us what day of the week that was going to be. Mr. Limefreckle pulled out the calendar and confirmed he was right. I thought that maybe Jr. just remembered, he has a REMARKABLE memory, I've seriously wondered if perhaps he has a photographic memory. He's been very interested in birth dates for the past couple of years, he remembers everyone's birthday, and often asks people that he meets when their birthday is, and what year they were born. He can tell us immediately how old a person is when given that information, he can figure it out pretty much instantaneously, while the rest of us sit around counting out the years on our fingers to figure out if he is right (he always is). After he told us Mr. Limefreckle's birthday for this year, we started throwing out other family members birthdays, and again, he gave us the date they would fall on this year (or next, if the birthday had already passed) and he was right ...every.single.time. My first thought was this guy...

I have to say, Rainman is probably ever mother's nightmare when it comes to telling the world your child has autism....because this is what everyone automatically thinks.  And by the way, the character that Rainman was based on didn't even HAVE AUTISM!!

Anyway, I was completely impressed with my son......I told him that I thought that he had a real gift, and maybe one day he could make some money with this gift.  (I'm thinking of Bill Gates...Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Apple,  perhaps he has some hidden mathematical talent that none of us know about).

Limefreckle Jr. said "I got it!  I know what I can do......"I'll get a booth!!!"

Thanks for keeping it real Jr. and keeping Mama's feet firmly planted on the ground!  Perhaps you won't be inventing the next thing in computers.....but you're still a genius in my eyes!!
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J and A said...

Love this!! We have students who also have the memory and math skills like him to do this! Amazing. And yes I hear that all the time about rain man when I tell people where I work...I did enjoy that movie though.

Loveandcrayons said...

Lol!!! A math booth, I'm sure kids would pay him to do their homework!!
Wow, that's an amazing skill to have. I literally count on my fingers, and when it come to fractions I'm screwed!! I hope my boys. Don't take after me in that dept!!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

I've always wanted a photographic memory! Though remembering the bad stuff would be a downfall. Also, I've been a bad blogger lately but I finally posted my answer to your liebster nomination!