Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday - a new way of looking at food

I've decided to really mix things up around here. I'm going to try something that for years I've been wanting to do, but have always felt to scared to give it a try. I'm going to try MINDFUL EATING. Years ago, I used to read every single book Geneen Roth wrote.   If you don't know who she is, she is an author that writes about emotional eating, and the connection to your feelings and what you are eating.  All of her books really spoke to me, however I've always been very hesitant to actual employ her techniques.  In a nutshell, no food is off limits.  She has certain guidelines to follow, you can't just eat whatever you want, whenever you want (cause I've been doing that, and IT'S NOT WORKING!).  But there isn't an actual DIET to follow, no calorie counting, no exercise plan, NADA.  That doesn't mean I won't exercise, or maybe be mindful of the calorie choices I make....but it's not part of this plan.

I've always been too afraid to try eating this way.  I've always said to myself "wait till I lose the weight, THEN I'll try it".  I guess deep down I feel that if I allow myself to eat in this manner, I might lose all control, and never stop.  But when I really think about that statement, it just seems RIDICULOUS! I already have lost control in my eating, how much worse can this be?  Wouldn't it make more sense to really PAY ATTENTION to what I'm eating.

The thought of paying attention to what I'm eating, listening to my bodies cues, deciding if I'm REALLY hungry for what I'm about to eat, or just eating it to cover up something else (boredom, stress, anger, sadness -- you name it I've eaten for all those emotions and more!) is a scary proposition for me.  If you don't have any food related issues, than this probably seems absurd to you....because most normal people eat this way intuitively....but I don't.  I need to RELEARN how to eat this way.

I've been rereading Geneen's book "Why Weight", and just the thought of all foods being "allowed" in my new way of eating fills me with:

1) incredible relief - like a weight lifted off my shoulders, and

2) incredible fear - what if I can't control myself?

I've been following this plan for about a week now, I started shortly after weigh in Wednesday last week when I had gained a pound, and I have given it my all......and I LOST 5 FRIGGIN POUNDS! 
I couldn't believe the scale when I stepped on it, I thought something must be wrong!  I'm feeling comfortable with my decision to stop worrying about counting points/calories/weighing and measuring, and I'm really listening to my body's cues to tell me when I'm truly hungry. I'm eating all my meals at the table, with no TV or newspaper to distract me, I'm putting my fork down, I'm trying to just FEEL how the food tastes, if I need to keep eating, etc.  So far it's working.....

Hooking up with the girls at Weigh in Wednesday this week!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome loss this week. Congrats!

Kelly said...

Yes, yes, yes. I could have written this post (minus the whole actually trying it and losing 5 pounds thing). I'm so happy you are trying it and that it is working. Nice job, Sue! I'm encouraged to maybe buck up and try it myself.

Carolyn said...

Eating when you're hungry-- sounds so easy but in reality can be so hard! Especially if you've just eaten whenever in the past. Good job with the AWESOME loss this week!

Ash Z said...

Congrats on the amazing loss :)
One of my biggest problems is figuring out if I am really hungry or if I am bored or upset. It is hard to differentiate sometimes.

Danielle K said...

This is great! I'll have to look for her books!