Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This weekend we celebrated a big milestone in the Limefreckle household....Mr. Limefreckle turned 50!! We did it up big, rented a room at a local golf course, hired a band, and invited 60 some of our closest friends and family to come and help us celebrate! I asked Limefreckle Jr. if he wanted to greet people as they came in, and show them the seating chart, so they could find their tables. He was excited for the task, and took it very seriously. I watched him introduce himself to everyone (many people hadn't seen him since he was a baby or small child, he didn't know so many of the people he went up to) He would extend his hand for a handshake, introduce himself, and help them find their way in. It was so touching to see this young man put himself out there! Mr. Limefreckle asked that in lieu of gifts, our guests make donations to Limefreckle Jr's school. When he gave his speech, he talked about our journey in this world of autism, and how finding this school has been such a lifesaver for us. It was very touching, I could barely look around the room, because I was in tears.... And then Limefreckle Jr. decided to give a speech. It was very impromptu, I had asked him a couple of weeks ago if he wanted to speak at his Dad's party, but he never really answered me, and I forgot about it. But he decided he wanted to say something, so he headed up to the podium. I asked him if he wanted me to come up with him, in case he was nervous...he wasn't interested. He paused a little bit when he started, and I wondered if he was a little nervous, but I think he was just gathering his thoughts. He thanked his Dad for all he's done for him, for bringing him to this school, how they have taught him so much, they've taught him to "spread his wings so he can one day leave the nest". He threw in a few jokes, and of course, announced the completion of his latest work, "an interesting project" as he put it, the movie that he created for his Dad's birthday. The kid is a whiz on imovies! He ended by saying "this is heartwarming, I think I'm going to cry!" So many people came up to me after to tell me how they were in tears during the speech, even our waitress and the bartenders! I have NEVER been so proud of our young boy!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'm home!

Limefreckle Jr. started school yesterday, and as we pulled into the parking lot, he exclaimed "I'm HOME!" I am so very grateful that he loves this little school so much!   He strolled through the front doors like he owned the place (after the obligatory, in front of the school photo that I make him pose for every year) and proceeded to measure himself against his teachers (he's grown at least a couple of inches over the summer, and is quite proud that he is taller than all the female teachers). 

He met his new teacher, who was a co-op student at our school last spring.  He immediately hugged her, and told her that he had missed her.  ANOTHER reason I love our little school - hugs are plentiful, with no one looking or acting uncomfortable, and no politically correct rules.  LOVE IT!! I remember one time being in a store, and seeing a young girl bump into someone that she hadn't seen in a long time, it appeared to be a teacher, and the girl clearly was on the spectrum.  The girl tried to hug her "teacher" and the woman wouldn't allow it, pulled away, told her that they didn't need to hug, personal space, blah, blah, blah.    After the teacher walked away, the young girl was questioning her mom, asking her what she had done wrong.  I'll never forget it because Jr. was just a young boy at the time, recently diagnosed, and it made me so sad.  I hate to live in a world where hugs are not
Anyway, I digress...back to our first day.  Limefreckle Jr. rode in the backseat of the car, saying these words, sounding just like Adam Samler....
To futher illustrate what great teachers Jr. has, I received this in my email tonight...

He has the most creative group of teachers I have ever met! 
I skipped out of the school, and  FINALLY got back to a hot yoga class.  I could barely keep up, I felt so stiff and out of step.  That's what taking a summer off will do for you!!!  She had a great playlist today, "The Dog Days Are Over" was the first appropriate!  My goal is to get to a class each day this week....hope I can do it!
How did your kids fare on their first day back to school?

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I woke up this morning and summer was over!

I can't believe that it's time to go back to school! I swear this was the shortest summer on record! We seemed to be soooo busy all summer, I think I need a vacation from this vacation!  It was a summer filled with swimming, eating, summer camp (Limefreckle Jr. went for what was supposed to be just a one week, half day program, and ended up spending the rest of the summer there - mornings only) and even though it wasn't the best summer on record, weather wise, it was jam packed with activities.  Limefreckle Jr. also took sailing lessons, and enjoyed himself very much....

This weekend we headed up North to my parents once again, for a family wedding.  This is the first wedding Limefreckle Jr. attended.  I was very nervous about it all summer, originally I wasn't even planning on bringing him, because I just couldn't picture him sitting still through the whole ceremony and dinner, speeches etc. 

Turns out, like many things with Limefreckle Jr. lately, I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about!!  The two biggest obstacles I had with him were:

1) what was he going to wear.  This is a boy that will NOT wear zippered pants, only shorts and sweat pants, and ONLY t-shirts, a collared golf shirt is a challenge for him.  He is SO sensitive to how clothes feel on him.

2)  What will he eat?  French fries are pretty much the ONLY thing he will ever order when we go out to dinner -- not usually on the menu at most wedding venues!

Well it turned out, French fries WERE on the menu, the bride arranged for him to have a double order (and they actually even came and gave him a refill).  And as far as his outfit, the bride also made us so comfortable, she told us if he wanted to wear shorts and a t shirt, that was completely fine with her.

I posted about this worry earlier in the summer, and a commenter suggested I buy chinos at Lands End, they have them in his size, with an  elastic waist kind of like sweats....he balked a bit, but he wore them.  I ordered a collared golf shirt, but at the last minute my cousin found him a "tuxedo" t shirt and that just seemed to be the PERFECT thing for him and his personality!!

with the junior bridesmaids, all nieces of the bride, and although not related to us by blood, they are our family....When Limefreckle Jr. heard they were all going to be at the wedding, he insisted he needed to go, he loves these girls!
And the venue of the wedding couldn't have been a more perfect place to hold a wedding with kids.  It was in a bushplane museum, planes were all around us, and the kids were free to explore the whole building as they pleased!  They ran around the place all night long, until the dancing started, and then they were all on the dance floor.  Speeches were short and sweet, he sat through those with no trouble at all.  I don't know why I worry about him so much, he has grown up SO much, and sometimes I seem to forget that his troublesome meltdown years are behind us for the most part.  I'm so glad that I didn't let my anxieties about the occasion hold us back from having him join us in such an important family event.   A good time was had by all, and it was a wonderful way to end off the summer!

the venue. The huge hanger doors were open all night to the nearby lake, it was GORGEOUS!!
with the beautiful bride...
my handsome son!


my feet in my gorgeous sparkly silver shoes, that were comfortable, but by this point of the night, in the car on the way home, they were ready for some soaking!  Limefreckle Jr. and I danced the night away!  Mr. Limefreckle can usually be dragged out on the floor for a slow dance or two, but Jr. was out there all night long, dancing with everyone! 


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