Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Favourite Day....

Now that we are totally back into the swing of school, life has picked up a much busier pace, and I'm loving it!  I finally have the days to myself again, and I've been taking full advantage by going to yoga every chance I get.  I find that when I go to yoga as many days in a row as I can, my whole attitude changes.  It really helps me to feel centered and more focused.  Lately, I don't know why, but worry has started to enter my consciousness a bit more.....I'm a person that tends to lean on the anxious side of life....I can easily let my mind wander to the "what if" scenarios, and I hate that.  Yoga definitely helps me to get that under control.

This tendency to worry has been with me all my life, when I look back...but really started in earnest when Limefreckle Jr. was about 18 months old, when we started to suspect that he wasn't developing normally.  At that time, I also was pregnant, and I lost that baby (my second miscarriage, I had one before Limefreckle Jr. was born).  I remember back in those days worrying non stop, over EVERYTHING, and it was EX.HAUST.ING!!! 

Early days when Limefreckle Jr. was in school didn't help, more constant worry and constant stress, I can't believe I survived it all with my mind intact to be honest, thankfully I had (have) great support with my friends and family, and they pulled me through those "dark days" as I think of them now....

So here we are, Limefreckle Jr. is thriving, life is good - why am I worrying?  Lately, now that Limefreckle Jr. is in grade 7, I'm starting to think about the future.  Once he's ready for high school, we have to move on from our very protective, lovely bubble that we are in right now, back out into the real world!  Fortunately we have lots of options to investigate, there are a few private high schools that I've heard about, that are wonderful when it comes to dealing with children with special needs, and of course I will investigate the public system again, we are now in a different city and hopefully these school boards here might have a better attitude towards kids that are different than the school board we formerly were dealing with, so logically I know that we have options.....but the worrier in me sometimes fights to get out!!  Fortunately, I'm much better at stifling her, yoga really helps me with that!

Yesterday's practice was led by one of my favourite instructors, she often has an inspiring or interesting quote to start the class.  This one went up on our chalkboard in the kitchen (that reminds me, I have a new message centre that I put up over the summer, will photograph it this weekend and share it with you next week). 

have a great day today, my favourite day!!!
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Alicia said...

I'm a worrier as well. I completely understand your worries for the future. I think its completely normal to stress about our kids future but its worse when they have a issue that makes you worry more. You have done such a good job raising him and supporting him. I'm sure he will do great when the time comes for him to go to high school. Yoga sounds amazing.