Friday, November 1, 2013

But it's just a wafer thin mint....

I swear I can't eat any more Halloween candy. I have had too much over the last few days I see a Monty Python skit coming on.....Mr. Limefreckle packed up the remainder last night to bring into the office, but forgot it, and I woke up to see it on the table, haunting me... Limefreckle Jr. came home and sorted the stuff he likes (plain chocolate, plain chips, smarties and suckers) and the rest of the stuff HAS to leave!!  Can't even imagine how many WW points I consumed last night (but I had a big lunch and skipped dinner, so maybe that offset things a bit.

We have had some pretty mild weather this week, but of course, as the 31st rolled around, the rain and wind picked up.  Our grim reaper almost didn't make it, but fortunately he was parked near a tree and we were able to secure him for the evening.

 I love this Grim Reaper inflatable.  I found it last year at Walmart, along with a few new headstones, a strob light, the skeleton stakes, and a fog machine (we didn't use the fog machine this year.) Everything was 75 -80% off after Halloween last year, I think I paid about $25 for this great inflatable....gonna head over there today to pick up some more things for our collection.

 Our cemetery --- it grows a little every year, but it was so windy last night, I'm surprised I didn't lose any pieces....we didn't, but I ran out after everything quieted down and pulled it all up in case the winds increased over night.

Do you know who Limefreckle Jr. was?  It's Mordecai, from the Regular Show.  Most adults just thought he was a Blue Jay, which everyone thought was pretty cool (The Toronto Blue Jays are our team after all) but a couple little kids followed him around like an entourage for awhile yelling "hey Mordecai!".  Limefreckle Jr. loved it!  He did so well trick or treating, he's really growing up into such a great young man....but he's soooooo tall, he doesn't look anything like a 12 year old!!
It was a fun night, my parents were in town, and our friends came over with their son so the two boys could spend the evening together.  They had fun, we all had a glass of wine or 2 after the festivities, and the rain didn't hamper our neighbourhood fun.  This neighbourhood goes ALL OUT at Halloween, many adults are dressed up and handing out candy on the front step. It's crazy busy.  The boys didn't really care if they hit too many houses, neither one of them were really in it for the candy, just the experience (when I was a kid, I was in it for the candy....we were out there for hours!!) We were quite happy to head back home a little earlier than normal, because the weather was so crappy.  The boys played in the basement and worked on their film (they are constantly filming something....) and the adults had a nice visit.
I saw on the news yesterday that there was a woman in Fargo, North Dakota, that planned to hand out letters instead of candy to children she deemed to be obese -- the letter basically said something to the effect that she wanted to be part of a village.....her part in being a "villager" in raising a child was to point out to parents that their child was too heavy, and she hoped that they would go through the candy and limit sweets etc. to their child.
I.  HAVE.  NO.  WORDS..............
I hope her house got majorly toilet papered last night!!!
When we got home my mom pointed out a post on one of my favourite blogs that I pinned immediately.....great to use next year.....

check out Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff.  She is HILARIOUS, I love her blog, she always has great ideas, and this one really ranks up there!!!

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Loveandcrayons said...

That ladies costume is crazy!!
I had no idea who Limefreckle Jr was!! Lol! I suppose I'm old now!
We luckily has friends stop by with their kids at the end of the night and we gave them handfuls of candy just to get rid of it! And, we only bought it that morning so it saved me from eating my face off!!
Your neighborhood sounds so fun! I love your grim reaper!!