Friday, November 22, 2013

Mom's can always fix everything....

This morning started out like every other day....actually, no that's not true, usually I have to drag Limefreckle Jr. from his bed every morning, this kid is hitting the "teenage years" a bit early, and he HATES to get out of bed in the morning.   He complained recently that his bed wasn't "soft" enough, so after listening to my Mom's recommendations regarding flannel sheets, I went in search of them.  Instead I found some polar fleece sheets....and I have to say, I've crawled into his bed, and I don't want to get out - no wonder he won't!!  I'm thinking of picking some up for myself, they are absolutely the softest sheets I've ever encountered (I got mine at Walmart, but saw them at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well). 

Anyway, to make a long story much longer....Jr. has been setting the alarm on his ipad lately, getting himself out of bed, in return for a couple of apps each day for his movie making endeavors....a very wise teacher once told me if you are going to buy him something anyway, make him work for it -- so I came up with the idea that he would start to get himself up in the AM in return for a new special effect for his movies.  Today was day 3, and it's been working like a charm.  Actually, it worked a little TOO well this morning he was up at 6:45 and had to come in and wake me up. 

He barrelled into our room and announced that his ipad wasn't working.  A fear that I've been dreading for awhile, that kid films CONSTANTLY using his ipad, and I've often thought "what happens if the ipad breaks down".  He's not much for waiting for things to be fixed, and although I have an ipad that he can borrow, it doesn't have all his apps and movies loaded onto it.  This morning was a lesson....ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR WORK!!   So I checked out his ipad, and all the sounds were distorted.  I feared the worst, and spent the morning panicked, worried that all his hard work over the past few days would be lost.

I managed to convince him to go to school, because seriously all he wanted to do was crawl back into that cozy bed and stress....I wonder where he gets THAT from?  His autism does cause anxiety, but I think he comes by some of it honestly.

I got home and got to work.  I quickly googled "ipad sounds distorted"...THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE!  Truly, that should be their slogan.  I found a few message boards, and figured out that the problem was likely caused by my recent ios upgrade...why did I upgrade?  At what point do the newer apple upgrades just not work on the older apple products?  I happened to have an appointment booked at the genius bar at my local Apple store for my ipad, so I'm going to bring his instead tomorrow and see if there is any other problem that should be looked at.  I love me some Apple products but I absolutely hate having to make an appointment in order to get help with your items.  For now I think we've figured out a fix.....and I've learned a valuable lesson to download his movies more often so that we can save anything that might be lost.

The other thing I learned was that although he had a problem with it all, probably more so than a neurotypical child, he handled it all WAAAAY better than he would have a few years ago, and that shows progress!!  He still looks to Mom to fix everything, and if I can't he just doesn't know how to process that information -- and truth be told, I pretty much bend over backwards in order to do everything I can to fix things for him. I wonder, would I do that if he didn't have autism? I don't know, I only have one child, I can't compare, but I guess it's not really all that out of character for a mom to want to make her child happy.  Perhaps I'm doing him a disservice by always being there to jump in when things go wrong....I don't know, but truthfully, I don't know how to be any other way.  My Mama Bear just comes to the surface when he needs help.  He did have to wait all day to find out if I was able to get things working for him, that would have been next to impossible for him to do a few years ago, but he handled school pretty well today.  Step by step, he's growing up, learning skills that he just wasn't able to do in the past, and progressing.  That's all I can really ask for....progress!


Loveandcrayons said...

Way to go for him handling it SO well!! Any other child would have had issues with things not working too. And if he didn't have autism, you still would have done whatever to fix it!! You always will, no matter how much he grows up and doesn't need you anymore! It's what us moms do, hel our kids with whatever we can!!
I hate technology. I love it, but it frustrates me! Jason is a computer whiz. He knows it all, does it all, fixes it all. So if something doesn't work for me, I have a mini meltdown and pass it all on to him. I don't know where I would be without him! But, I've lost some pretty important pictures in the past, so now I back up all the time!

J and A said...

Good work mom!!! Technology can be so frustrating. Yay for google!!