Friday, November 15, 2013

My creative juices are flowing!

What a busy couple of weeks it's been here at the Limefreckle household!  About 3 weeks ago, I hurt my back in hot yoga.  There I was, feeling like a rock star, all bendy and ballerina like, doing yoga every day, totally zen, when suddenly, after a class in the changeroom, I bent over to remove my pants and YOUCH!  That familiar pain in my back returned with a vengeance.  A few years ago I herniated a disc, and have had numbness in my right leg ever since. I still remember when it happened, I was vacuuming out my car, twisted a certain way, and suddenly I felt like a rubber band snapped in my back, and it almost felt like a liquid ran down the inside of my leg.  Ever since my leg has been partially numb.  Consulted with a surgeon, nothing much to be done.  Have tried massage, active release massage (ouch!), acupuncture, spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic visits, pretty much everything I could think of, but nothing has relieved the numbness, I've just learned to live with it.  The pain fortunately, went away fairly quickly, but the numbness has not.  A nerve is obviously being pressed, and I'm not sure if I will ever get the feeling back totally. 

Fortunately it doesn't really interfere with my life.  I don't run anymore, but I never did like running anyway, so there!  I don't do any really heavy duty workouts like I used to, and I think, at my advanced middle age, that's probably a good thing.  Yoga is the exercise I love the most anyway, so I've been concentrating on that.  Since school started again and my days have been my own, I've been going to classes 3-5 times a week, and LOVING IT!  But since I hurt my back 3 weeks ago, I haven't gone ONCE!  The pain was gone pretty quickly, thanks to a massage the day of the injury (had that booked already, wasn't that lucky timing!), a chiropractor visit, and Volturen emugel (have you tried it? Works wonders!  It's a cream that doesn't have the heavy scent that some do).  But somehow, I've just lost my mojo, and everything else in my life has taken precedence to yoga.

But I'm trying not to be all anal about it, I'll get back to it next week, and although the next few weeks are pretty busy too (who am I kidding, Christmas is approaching, I'm going to be busy from now till the break) I'm going to try and let go of my all or nothing attitude, and get there when I get there.

One thing I HAVE been throwing myself into lately is jewelry making.  I have a jewelry party at a friend's house tonight, then 3 craft shows that I'm involved in (actually 4 shows, one is selling craft supplies).  I decided that it's time to get back into the "show circuit" and get out there  in front of people.  I have mixed feelings about craft shows.  I'm not sure they are as popular as they once were.  I do feel that because my items are a bit higher priced than some products at some shows, I would probably be better off getting into the higher priced shows.  But unfortunately I just don't have the time to devote to those types of shows.  It's too hard to spend a whole weekend at a show, Mr. Limefreckle usually works at least 1 day on the weekends, and Limefreckle Jr. isn't really interested in hanging around a craft show with me all day long.  So I look for small local shows that aren't too expensive to enter, and cross my fingers that they will be successful.

We are hosting our 2nd annual Christmas show at Limefreckle Jr.'s school this year on November 30th.    Our last Christmas show was a big success, I sold a ton of my bracelets (although I also had a lot of friends there, they are my best customers!)  I'm hoping this year's show is another success, I help with organizing all the vendors, it's a lot of work, but so much fun, and if nothing else, it's a great way to promote our school to the community.    This year Limefreckle Jr. has agreed to help Santa greet the kiddies.  We tried to talk him into being an elf, but so far he's not going for that....but he might be a reindeer instead....he can just wear the hat he wears every day in the winter....

can you notice the antlers?  I love this hat, it suits him to a T!

I'm doing a jewelry supply sale on November 23rd, and 2 more Christmas Craft shows, December 8th, and December 14th, but they are both first time shows, so I'm a little nervous about that.  I'm going to try to just be positive though, they weren't super expensive to join, and it's a great way to get back out there and get some exposure!

In the meantime I just can't stop making jewelry!  I was on a real roll making bracelets, they are perfect to do while watching TV (and I watch A LOT of TV).  Here's everything packed up and ready to go to my jewelry party tonight (sorry for the poor quality of the pic - taken on my phone)

I felt like I didn't have enough necklaces, I've been concentrating so much on bracelets, so I whipped up a few new ones...

 The rest of my new necklaces were packed and ready to go to the show, I'll photograph them tonight when I set up.  I'm hoping that on Saturday and Sunday I can get some proper pictures taken of everything and start adding items to my etsy shop.  The absolute hardest part of selling online is photographing and listing everything, it is VERY time consuming....and I'd rather be creating!

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J and A said...

Love those necklaces!! So awesome. So are his antlers!!

Loveandcrayons said...

Your necklaces are beautiful!!! I love them! I'm totally into the long styles right now!
And I love jr's hat!! He should just go as a reindeer! It's perfect!