Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our annual Christmas card

Is it just me, or are you feeling stressed that you aren't ready for Christmas? Every year, Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier. There was a time that people that decorated for Christmas on December 1st were the early I'm feeling like if I don't start directly after Halloween I'm late. I have a million Rubbermaid containers sitting out since Sunday, and I've barely cracked them open - I got the nativity scene set up, and one tree (I put up 3...I know, I have a problem). Just the tree is up mind you, no lights or decorations. Instead of decorating, I find a hundred other things that seem to require my attention. I'm happy to report that I did finish all of my shopping for Limefreckle Jr. That is at least one thing I can cross off my list.

Tonight I sat down at the computer and created our annual Christmas card.  Every year I use a program called Scrapbook Max that I bought a few years ago, to create our card.  I bought it in order to create the yearbook for Limefreckle Jr.'s school, which I do every year, and it has been a fantastic program.  My only complaint about it is I wish they had more embellishments that could be added.  Every year I like to mix things up with the yearbook, and I wouldn't mind having more options.  You can use your own digital embellishments as well, I just like things to be laid out nice and easy for me.

I used to order our Christmas cards from one of the many online providers, until it dawned on me that Mr. Limefreckle is in the printing business, so why not just create our own card.  I saw this saying somewhere, and thought it would be perfect for this years card.

the finished card has our names printed along the bottom. It was pretty easy to do, the hardest part is picking out pictures that represent the past year.  I'm not sure if I'm going to bother doing a Christmas letter, because, let's face it, my life is pretty much an open book, with Facebook etc. there isn't really much everyone doesn't already know about our year.....our entire lives for that matter!  Plus, that's just one more thing to add to the to do list, which is already way too long. 

This is what I did for last years card:

Limefreckle Jr. is so much bigger this year, he's taller than I am right now!  I can't believe how much he has changed in just one year!

Tomorrow a girlfriend and I are heading downtown to go to the One of a Kind Craft show after we drop the kids at school.  It's the biggest craft show I've ever been to, I would LOVE to display my jewelry there, but it's a huge time commitment, and a huge investment to participate in a show like that.  Someday maybe.  For now I'll just go and admire everyone that is in this year's show.  And hopefully pick up some stocking stuffers while I'm there.

If you haven't already entered, head over to my friend Jodi's blog today for a chance to win a Limefreckle wrap bracelet.  Check out Jodi's blog, she's a fellow Canadian blogger, we've become good blogger friends. I always look forward to reading her posts, she has two GORGEOUS little boys that make me long for the toddler days.  Although there is something to be said to having a pre-teen too.  Life is certainly a lot easier than it was back then. 
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Kelly said...

Great card! I also love the saying :)

I do have to say my favorite part of this post was the comment about you longing for the toddler years. I think it gave me the hope to get through another toddler day ;-) One day I'll miss it, right?

Loveandcrayons said...

Aw, thanks for the shoutout friend! Although, after this morning I may be ready to sell my toddlers!! Lol!!
I can see a huge difference in Jr from last years card to this year! He looks way more mature, more grown up!
Jason and I should really consider making our own cards! He's a graphic designer, and has a print shop "guy" at work!! Too late now, maybe next year! And the main thing I feel rushed and stressed about at Christmas is making sure I have gifts for everyone on my list! I feel like I'm doing good so far, but then other things always pop up and I get busy and leave shopping till the end!! Yikes!!

Alicia said...

What a great idea for Christmas cards. The bracelet is beautiful.

Shesabigstar said...

Love how you include memories of the year in your card(s)... looks great! Thanks for linking up... Merry Christmas!