Thursday, December 26, 2013

The aftermath....

Well, it's over. All the weeks of shopping, packing, wrapping, stressing.....all leading up to one day! Well, 2 if you include Christmas Eve...3 for us Canadians, we get boxing day as well. It all went by in a whirl... We came North to visit my parents, and luckily didn't stick around Southern Ontario to experience the ice storm, and up to 30 hours without power that some families in the GTA experienced. In fact, I think from what I've heard, some people are still without power...we picked a great year to celebrate Christmas at my parent's house, instead of ours.   We loaded up the car, I don't know what we would do if we have more than one child, we couldn't even see out the back window the car was so filled with gifts!  So much for 3rd row seating in the back!

As we were driving along the highway, I spotted 2 large huskies walking around their car with their owner, who looked suspiciously like my longtime friend and former roommate's husband.  I thought to myself, "wait a minute, she has 2 large huskies!". I texted her and asked if they were travelling today (we are from the same Northern Ontario town) and sure enough, they were.  We ran into each other (sort of, because I did text her and say where we were going to stop for lunch)  in Sudbury.  We used to travel up North together frequently, and always find it amusing when we ran into someone that we knew.....and here we are, 25 years later, running into each other!!

She has 3 kids, and 2 large dogs, and they managed to get everyone up there in the same vehicle....I think I need to work on my packing skills!

The trip up North was great, no bad weather, we totally outran the storm.  My brother arrived at my parent's house about 30 mins. after we did, and our Christmas vacation began.  We caught up with everyone around the fire, and the next day my Dad's oldest friend (they've known each other since grade school) and his entire family came out to visit.  Limefreckle Jr. is the only boy in the group, they have 5 granddaughters, and he loves to spend time with them.  They are like family to us, it's always fun to catch up with everyone, and to watch the kids play.

The next morning my brother spotted these visitors in the yard....

Cue the deer!

Christmas Eve we spent with my Aunt and Uncle, and I visited with cousins I haven't seen in years.  It was just like old times, except now we all have our own little kids running around.

My mom is an amazing decorator, this was her tree.  Most of these gifts were for Limefreckle Jr.  He had the most fun, as usual, every Christmas is more and more fun.  He announced Christmas morning "Christmas is a time for giving - the more you give, the more I get!".  Yes he is spoiled.....
Here he is, already to start his latest film project....

I got some great Sorel boots that unfortunately are a bit too tight, need to exchange them when we get home.  Also got a new Garmin, and apple TV! Mama was spoiled too, guess it runs in the family....
Today is a beautiful sunny winter day.  We are heading into town to meet my cousins for some tobaganning, and some more visiting, then tomorrow we head back home.  It's been a very quick visit, but lots of fun!
Hope your Christmas vacation has been filled with lots of laughs and visits with family and friends.
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Loveandcrayons said...

Merry Christmas!! It sounds like it's been a great trip! What a small world, seeing a friend on the highway! Jr looked super cozy in the back seat!

The tree looks beautiful! And holy crap look at all the gifts!! I love his quote, I told my husband just now!! Lol!!
I think spoiling is ok, especially at Christmas!!

Glad you had fun with your family and friends, and missed the wicked storm!

Happy new year!