Sunday, January 19, 2014

The week in review

I swear I blinked and 2 weeks have gone by! We had a cold snap here in Ontario for a bit, can't say it really bothered me, I have some toasty new Sorel's that Mr. Limefreckle bought me for Christmas, and I really haven't been outside all that much (I leave all dog walking duties to him during the winter months, unless it's a bright sunny day....I'm so lazy!). I can't really complain as I drive around in my car with heated seats!   I also love nothing better than to go to hot yoga on a cold winter's I'm OK with January so far, but it does seem to be going by quite quickly.

I have been SUPER busy photographing jewelry etc. for my shop .  I still have a long way to go, I've probably only got 1/4 of my inventory listed online, but slow and steady, this is the year that I'm really dedicating to my business.  I toyed with the idea of opening up a dedicated website, but for now I'll continue on with Etsy and rethink things as the year progresses.

Here are some listings I've put up recently:

Triple Wrap multi bead

Emerald Silver Wire wrapped Earrings

Silver and Crystal Swarovski elements necklace

Carnelian, Dalmatian and Bronze Triple Wrap Bracelet

Silver Hoop Crystal Drop Earrings
Silver and Bronze Bar Necklace

Chakra Triple Wrap Bracelet

 I'm really happy with how my pictures have turned out, photography is so hard, especially in Canada in the dead of winter, when I have to shoot everything indoors.  I'm slowly getting the hang of my camera.  I would love to have live models etc. to show my items being worn, but unfortunately, unless I get Limefreckle Jr. to pose (not likely to happen) it's just not feasible most of the time.  But I think these work pretty well.  This is when I wish I had a teenage girl hanging around the house.  Probably the only time I would wish for that, it's been my experience that teenage girls can be a little hard on their parents (my experience AS a teenage girl at one time, and experienced I've gathered watching my friends go through it!)  I'm sure dealing with a teenage boy will come with it's own sets of challenges!

That's pretty much been my week.......a little bit of hibernating, and a lot of work on my shop. I much prefer the actual creating of the jewelry to the photography, listing and maintaining the shop, but it's something that has to be done.  My next goal is to apply to some bigger shows for the upcoming year, I have a couple of applications that I'm working on right now. 

We saw the Hobbit last Sunday, Limefreckle Jr. is such a movie fan, he loved it, and I have to say I enjoyed it as well, although I'm not quite the Lord of the Rings fan that he is. But it was action packed and left us hanging, and a great movie to see in the theatre.  This weekend has been fairly quiet, out for dinner with my girlfriends on Friday night, and then out to my cousins for some family time tonight.  I went back to my regular Weight Watchers meeting on Friday, the leader is absolutely FANTASTIC and the particular meeting I go to is full of a lot of fun, older ladies (they remind me of my mom and her friends) and they always make the meeting enjoyable.  Unfortunately, I haven't been doing such a great job of counting points since then.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day...

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J and A said...

You photos are great!! Love all your stuff. That top bracelet is beautiful!!! Wow.

Loveandcrayons said...

Ok, you are SO talented!! I love all those new pieces! Esp the top one, love all the colors!
Have a great week my friend!