Sunday, January 26, 2014

When is groundhog day again?

OK, I've decided, I'm officially sick of this winter. I was OK with it for awhile, traipsing around town in my new Sorel boots as comfortable as can be......until Wednesday night, when I came home from picking up Limefreckle Jr., crawled into bed with some Neo Citran, and didn't fully emerge until Sunday.  And before you ask, like my brother does every single winter, NO I don't get a flu shot.  I don't believe in them.  Until I get the flu, then I think it might have been a good idea.....but I'll forget that next year when it's time to do it all over again.  So now I'm over it all.  Ready for that groundhog to come out of his whole and tell me Spring won't be too far away.  Although he might say there are still 6 more weeks....but whatever, to me, the Groundhog signifies that the end is in sight.

Did I mention my new Sorel's to you before?  Mr. Limefreckle gave them to me for Christmas, but they didn't fit, so had to wait till we got back to exchange them.......I love them, and they are very cozy.  Also bought myself a new pair of Uggs with my Christmas gift money, because my old one's had a hole in them.....I wear them like crazy but not in the major the Sorel's fit the bill perfectly.  And they are getting their wear this year, it's snowing again out there tonight.

Here are the one's I have....

Of course I wear pants when I'm wearing them.....We're crazy like that here in Canada.  Speaking of Canada, saw this on Facebook the other day and couldn't stop laughing.....cause it is so true!

I've pretty much spent the entire week drinking Neo Citran, sleeping, watching marathons on TV (have you seen "Call the Midwife" on Netflix?)  I watched Season 1, and while it's not QUITE as good as Downton Abbey it's a close second, and I'm looking forward to watching Season 2 next.   I've had my computer with me, been busy checking Facebook and emails, trying to update my shop when I could, added a few new bracelets to the mix.  I've also read practically all of "Mad about the Boy" (the Bridget Jone's sequel - not as good as the original, but not bad either), and spent too much time on facebook, laughing at things like this:

The good news is, I think I've lost a couple of pounds, always enjoy that benefit to being sick!  Feel a whole lot better tonight, am going to run up and have a quick shower during the commercial breaks of the Grammy's, I'm not much of an awards show person, but I do love the Grammy's just for the outrageous outfits.  So far Daft Punk has not disappointed!  Hope you are keeping warm and feeling good, whatever YOUR weather is like!

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Kelly said...

Totally bark-laughed at the pants comment. Also, I'm officially calling on Canada to come and take their weather back. Down south here in Michigan we are not equipped to handle all this cold ;). I think I'll need to borrow your boots. Don't worry, I'll wear pants as well. :)

Loveandcrayons said...

I LOVE that pants one!! Hilarious! And even though we don't get much snow here on the west coast, I think I need those Sorels!!
We had a really nice, sunny weekend. Which, for this time of year is odd. Normally it's grey and pouring! So, seeing all this sun, I'm so ready for spring. I'm going to be pissed tomorrow when the rain is supposed to come back!!
Sorry you were sick! That sucks! I don't get the flu shot either, and it work in health care. Go figure! Anyway, I hope you're feeling better!!