Monday, December 29, 2014

Can you become an Extreme Couponer in Canada?

Well here we are, a new year rapidly approaching, time to make some new resolutions. Of course, the same old resolution I make every year will be to lose some weight....nothing changes there! But this year, something new I've decided to focus on, is couponing. I've never been one to pay attention to coupons, flyers, etc. Often I'll stand in line at the checkout and watch people price matching and think to myself "why am I not doing that?" just lazy I guess.   I've also often thought that couponing really wasn't worth the time here in Canada, because of the different coupon policies between stores here and stores in the US.  A while back I watched an episode on The Marilyn Denis show with 2 Canadian women that showed how to prepare a meal on a budget, using coupons and other various store specials.   The episode sparked an interest in couponing, so I visited Extreme Couponing Mom, one of the competitors in this competition.  Lots of interesting information on her website,  and an affordable ebook ($10) to teach you how to learn to coupon.   I ordered the ebook a week ago, thinking I would receive it right away, but so far haven't.   Have tried to contact the website owner, and am hoping that eventually I will get the ebook, I'm sure part of the reason this is taking so long is that we had Christmas and Boxing day between today and my order date (December 18th)  but if you are thinking of ordering from her in the future, I wouldn't recommend it.  There is no reason an electronic transfer should take 10 days from the date you paid for it, holidays between or not!  If I ever get the ebook, I'll let you know my opinion of it, but based on my poor experience and lack of customer service (all emails I have personally sent to her so far have gone unanswered) I don't think I could recommend this vendor to anyone.  EDITED -- I did finally receive the ebook, after several emails.  Her email to me was not very professional and again, would not recommend buying from her.

After that disappointment, I kept googling, and found Mrs. January.  I can't get enough of her website!  She too has an ebook, $17, more expensive than the one from Extreme Couponing Mom,  but I decided to go ahead and order it, because I don't think that first ebook I ordered is ever going to show up.  Received the link to that ebook seconds after my paypal order was complete.  Very impressive, the book is over 100 pages of very useful information, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS EBOOK!  I've gotten tons of ideas of how to get going with couponing and she also has a very interesting outline of The Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum plan, which up until now, I have used but not to it's full advantage.  It's really made me rethink my shopping habits and patterns.  With just a little bit of planning I think I can cut my shopping expenses by a lot.

Over the Christmas shopping season, I also discovered that EBATES has arrived in Canada.  I've heard about this site before, and if you are the type to online shop, which I am, it's an easy way to make free money.  Next time I want to purchase something, I'll be going there first to see if I can order it online.

Swagbucks is another site that I always thought you could only use in the US, but it's available to us Canadians now too.  Lately I do all my internet searching through swaybacks to earn points.  Hard to tell how quickly I will be able to earn, but worth a try.
And Lastly, a site that I haven't taken advantage of yet but plan to is Checkout51.  Each Thursday the site lists items, if you purchase them you take a photo of your receipt with their smart phone app, and earn points that can be redeemed for cash.  Not yet sure if this will be worthwhile, but again, it's worth a try.

So that's what I plan to focus on for the New Year.  What resolutions have you made?

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